#bethelight – Day 81

Today I am thinking that an act of kindness is reminisce.

Clara Lee with Mabee Kids- Wendy, Carol, David, Jana, Paul, and Anna

Yesterday my last living grandparent died.  My grandma, Clara Lee Packer White, died a few weeks shy of her 92 birthday.  I drove over to my parents house and listened as everyone told stories about her and her life.  I think that passing those stories on and telling the stories that led to who she was and the legacy she leaves behind.  She leaves behind my mom, her only daughter, 3 sons, 23 grandchildren, 80 great grand children and 6 great-great grandchildren.  Her story helps explain who we all have become and who our children and grandchildren will become.

The beginning of her life wasn’t easy, yet she grew to be an independent, feisty, adventure loving soul.  I think that her spirit of adventure was pasted down to many, if not most of her posterity.

I believe my mom is at peace.  I am at peace.  My mom taught me well to believe in a plan.  I believe that my grandma is discovering all that is next.  I plan on loving the stories and passing them to my children.

Our stories are what make us who we are.

2 thoughts on “#bethelight – Day 81”

  1. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like the stories of your grandmother will live on forever. How wonderful to have a large family to share all the ways you remember her.

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