Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Confronts

I may not be a physical warrior… not the typical warrior when you hear the word warrior.

Yet, I face evil every day.  We all do.


The weak choose not to deal or acknowledge the evils that are around them.

The strong choose to acknowledge evil and to conquer evil… through inner strength, determination, discipline, and intelligence.

Some warriors are born warriors.  Some warriors are created.  Either way the skills of the warrior must be trained and crafted.  Warriors must be taught to acknowledge, recognize and deal with evils through experience.

images (2)

The average person doesn’t want to acknowledge the evils that lurk in the shadows.  It is easier to pretend that all normal.  Not even close.

There are some evils, some individuals who do not have your best interest at heart.  Their intention is not to help you nor to protect you.  They tend to take advantage of you in every way, without batting an eyelash or giving a second thought to their actions.

A warrior stands up!

A warrior confronts!

A Warrior ends darkness and brings in light!


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