Satisfaction Saturday

Paint the Light 

It’s taken me a few days to process what I truly want to say. I sure hope it comes out the way I intend.

This past weekend I spent some time helping a dear friend through the dark night of the soul. It is difficult to see people you love go through dark days and to see them struggle with hope… especially when they are usually so full of life, even the life of the party.

The day before my friend needed help, I had watched a movie about Thomas Kincade. His brilliant career was inspired by his mentor, friend, and teacher. This teacher taught him to “paint the light.”

The few hours I spent with my friend, chatting, crying and laughing turned out to be more like a walk with God, as we sought His face, basked in His glory, and painted what we saw in our hearts and mind. Into the dark room and the dark corners of her mind the light came slowly, growing ever stronger by the minute. I knew that there would be more rough days, but I also knew that my friend was going to be safe and would find happiness as she painted the light.

The impressions I shared taught me many great truths as well…

Each day, each minute I need to seek to go to and meet with God; seek Him in my relationships, my circumstances, the creation around me. Every day I need to immerse myself in scripture. Every day I need to pray with my whole heart. Every moment I need to let His Spirit fill my heart and mind with light. Then I need to be determines to do what God has asked me to do — be a candle, a burning light, a city on a hill blazing with truth and shelter for those who are lost in the darkness.

I can use my words, my art, and my actions to reflect the light I find.

It is such a dark, dark world. We all must live through light. I’ve decided that that when it comes to light there is no gray. It is either light or dark but no in between. There is only degrees of light. Every day the light of Christ increases in my soul. The more I study, pray, and serve the more light I feel. This light is divine energy, power, or influence that proceeds from God through Christ and gives life and light to all things. It is the law by which all things are governed in heaven and on earth It also helps people understand truth. The Savior said he is the light of the world. Light gives life, eliminates and reveals the world around us, and gives warmth. I’d have to say these are all the ways the Lord lights my life as well.

Paint the light!

The Lord is my light – Ps. 27:1

So my message is for those who can paint the light:

Please show the world the beauty within and without. Paint with words. Pain with pigment. Paint with attitude. Paint with service. Paint with song. Paint redemption. Paint truth. Paint enduring love. Paint loyal friendships. Paint justice and hope.

Paint the light. Show us what it means to be human, but more, what it means that He is God.

Whatsoever is light, is good – Alma 32:35

Paint with passion, conviction and biblical authority. Paint with compassion, for what you share will make its way into the hearts of others. Your work will shape them. Paint because He is Lord, because He was crucified and because He is risen again.

Christ is the life and the light of the world – Alma 38:9

Paint the light!

Shape visions of families that do not break up, where fathers love their wives and sons and willingly die for truth. In story and song, show purity, chastity and virtue. In drama and dance, tell stories of children who grow up to leave selfishness behind and become what God would have them be. In poetry and prose, write the earth in its glory, in its mists, its ice, its rainforests and mountains — and let the world see in it not the cruel hand of chance but the wise hand of a Creator who loves us all beyond description.

I am the light of the world – John 18:12

It is dark, my friend. Paint the light.

Dear friends, let your minds be renewed and transformed by Christ. He is the Light. Let Him sharpen your thinking and make your understanding clear. Seek out truth and pursue it; love wisdom and knowledge; seek to grow in faith. And let your faith, your understanding, spill over in the words you pen, the pictures you paint, the dances you dance the dramas you play and the songs you sing.

Paint the light.

That which is of God is light, and groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day – D&C 50:24

Lift your faces friends; soak up the vision, and show me what you see.

Paint the light.

Originally posted 2nd March 2011 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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