#bethelight – Day 72

The Bully Plays had a great opening night.  Our audience was bigger than I expected.  They seemed to truly appreciate the plays and the work the kids put into work.  I believe we were successful in our efforts to spread the message that bullying is not okay and that kindness is where it’s at.

I would have to say that I was also successful in spreading kindness.  I listened to people who needed someone to listen to them.  I hugged people who needed to be hugged.  I found humor when it was appropriate and tried to look on the bright side of life all day.  I helped a man look for his son who not come home from school. The boy was found, so no worries there.


Did you know that today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day? It seems crazy that human trafficking is a thing!  What?  Why?  At any rate, awareness is the first step in ending this totally wrong practice.  The next step might be to check out an organization working against this practice.  An example might be Love146.  Click here for a link to their website.  Learn more and see what you can do to help.  I learned more.  I learned that this organization provides holistic care to children who have survived exploration, enforced labor, abuse, and even slavery.  Their website shares information and gives you a few options for things you can do to help.  Check it out!

Join me!


2 thoughts on “#bethelight – Day 72”

  1. Hey there! I am an advocate against human trafficking and want to say that I adore Love146! I am signed up to their email list and love their mission! More great organizations you might want to check out are Written On Your Heart and BRANDED. I have a BRANDED product and I am going to work with W.O.Y.H. soon!

    If you want, here are the links to their sites:

    My blog is about gaining awareness for human trafficking. Go and check it out if you want! I also give some tips on how to spot a victim and/or a trafficker!

    Keep doing what you do! We need people like us in this world to spread awareness for trafficking (and more particularly in your case) bullying


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