#bethelight – Day 71

Yesterday I tried my best to be aware of all the ways people served me and I tried to thank them.  It is amazing to realize how much people do for you all day long, when you pay attention.

Today is opening night for our production of The Bully Plays at school.  I am proud of the kids that have worked so hard to memorize, analysis, characterize and bring to life this play.  It’s been hard for some of them.  It’s hard to play a bully when it isn’t in your nature.  It’s hard to play the bullied because your sensitivities begin to be over-stimulated.  It’s hard to be the bystander because, as you have worked on your role, you have come to the knowledge that bullying is just plain wrong and you need to do something about it.  However, I believe these kids pushed through the hard parts because they are passionate about their message.

Today I will spread kindness by supporting and cheering on these hard working, talented kids.  Today I will encourage others to stand up against bullying.  Today I will do what I can to spread kindness in the world.

Join me!



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