Family Friday

This Week Eclipsed the Summer!

John took a couple of days off work over the week.  He did a little work on the house. He hired a helper to help him clean moss off the roof.  They made it a little ways before the day warmed up and they had to get down.  Still some work to do.   He also took the girls on a little hike. They left the house intending to hike up in the Cascade to a lake.  However, as they got closer to the trail head, up past Detroit, the smoke from a near by forest fire was overwhelming.  They decided to turn around and head to  Silver Falls.

Lilli got one with nature.


Hannah discovered more sticks for her collection.


Hannah became a tree hugger.


Lilli bonded with the wild life.


Over all, I think they had a great day together.


Meanwhile, I worked on my own projects at home.  Last week I reported about that I started the cleaning of the garage room.  At first it looked more like I destroyed the family room.  Rest assured.  The family room is back to normal.  As we continue to fix the room in the garage I will post our progress.  Now comes the job of creating an office!


John was super excited about the solar eclipse.  He planned a party with some of his friends.  I wasn’t that excited at first.  I really expected the whole thing to be boring.  Boy was I wrong!  You can read what I thought of the event here – Celestial Wonders

He ran around like a giddy school boy.  His guest seemed to have a good time.

He used my pizza pan to see the shadow.  The leave cast new shadows.  It really was a little cool.  It was a little odd to have people camping across the street.  The university brought in all kinds of guests for the week. The town throw a party and had a Pink Floyd cover band play a concert the night before.  The news got everyone a little worked up about how many people might come into town.  But it really wasn’t’ too bad where I live.

The church blocked off the parking lot because it was worried about extra people.  It was funny to see the contrasting sign of the church next door that welcomed people.  Oh well.  Hopefully the church didn’t come across as too rude.

Lillian started Addams Family rehearsals at the high school.  I went for the read through and one music day to take notes. She is an ancestor and the understudy for Wednesday.  I am super proud of her.  She is already memorized.

Hannah took Lilli school shopping.  The goofy girls went to thrift stores.  But they did get some cute stuff.  We have all her school supplies too. She went to the seminary kick off.  Other than being worried about starting high school, she is ready to rock her first year of high school.

It’s been a good week.


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