Satisfaction Saturday

My Amazing Original Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

Ok.  To be honest.  This is not my kitchen and not my feet.  I don’t think I want people looking at my kitchen floor.  However, this product is worth the price.  I am completely SATISFIED!

I hate to wash dishes.  Beside the fact that they never seem to be done, no matter how long I stand there, I hate washing dishes because half way through the process my back is killing me.  It might have something to do with the fact that my stomach gets in the way of comfortably reaching the water.  It might be related to my flat feet.  It may be related to the mental block I have against dishes.

I decided to do something about my dish problem.

I didn’t hire a maid (though the thought crossed my mind).

I didn’t chain the kids to the kitchen counter (that crossed my mind as well).

I didn’t throw all the dishes away and tell the family to use their hands from now on (although I have invested in a fair amount of paper plates lately),

I bought a mat to stand on.

I have been using said mat for a couple of weeks now.

Guess what!  My back doesn’t hurt when I do dishes!

I am now wondering how I have been doing dishes for so long now with out a mat like this mat.

Sisters, fellow dish washers who dread the job. BUY YOURSELF A MAT!  It has made all the difference for me.  I am no longer finding anything to do to avoid dishes.

I found my mat on Amazon.  Super Cool Mat to stand on!

The Original Amcomfy Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat



So worth it!

Look empty clean sink and smiling mom…


…well for the next few seconds before someone dropped a bread pan in the sink.

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