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Ready for Some Variety

A crazy week with four shows didn’t allow for much time at home to create meals… again.  I am ready for some evenings at home where I can create some meals that will give some variety to what we eat.  I haven’t bailed on the new plan… it’s just that I have been eating the same thing over and over.  I like trying a little something new now and again.

For this week I had veggies every morning… sometimes stir fried and sometimes in a smoothie.

Lunch was veggies and hummus or salads.

One night I made some veggies and tofu.  It was really a “clean-the fridge” meal.  I had some broccoli, mushrooms and some frozen mixed veggies.  I added tofu and made a sauce from soy sauce, fish sauce, pepper sauce and corn starch.  I wasn’t worth writing down a recipe.  However, it did the job.  We ate and it was plant based.


The next day was Halloween.  I made “brains and eyeballs”, other wise known as whole wheat spaghetti, tomato sauce and some veggie meatballs I found at the local store.


The next night I had Hannah’s Roasted Tomato and Bell Pepper Soup


Then I made Wendy’s Ravioli with Pumpkin and Sage


Then I made a batch of Wendy’s Cabbage Soup


It’s been a long week.  My show finally closed.  It is getting colder.  I’m in the mood for soup.  So… I made Japanese Ramen Soup, with one alteration… I had beets so I added them.  They turned the whole soup pink.  LOL.  I was still super tasty!


my food wasn’t fun or adventurous this past week.  At least it was plant based.  I am a few pounds from losing my first 100 pounds… so close!  My goal was to lose 100 pounds by the time my son got home from serving a mission for our church for 2 years.  He gets home December 6.  I have a few more weeks… and Thanksgiving to get it done!

Wish me luck…

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