Menu Monday

Win Some Lose Some

Breakfast consisted of sauted vegetables or a smoothie.

Lunch was always a small salad and a bowl of soup and mixed nuts and seeds.

Dinner was a salad and soup.  It was a busy week so a large pot of soup got eaten for nearly every meal.  Nothing like a crock pot to save the day!

This week I tried 2 new soups that were a bomb… I won’t be doing those recipes again.  I did not appreciate “Fat Burning Spicy Thai Noodle Soup”  Nope.  Didn’t like it. I also didn’t really like a roasted broccoli thing.  Maybe it’s because I burned it.

I did try a new-to-me soup that was heavenly.  My friend Rachel brought over some homemade butternut squash soup that was so good!  I will have to try to make it for myself sometime soon. (I stole her pictures off her Facebook feed).  She says the real secret is using real lime leaves.  Seriously.  It was SO GOOD!

I also made Moroccan Sweet Potato Soup



This soup really does hit the spot on a cool fall evening.  It is thick and hearty.  The mixture of spices gives it a rich flavor.

My favorite soup for lunch is Wendy’s Cabbage Soup


This soup is quick and easy… It always hits the spot.

The week was busy and I should have eaten more raw veggies and not so many nuts.  However, I was successful in eating vegetables and plant based meals.  This is a plus for me on busy days.

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