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Another week of Progress

I have a show opening in 2 weeks and I am rarely home.  My Saturdays have been taken up working on getting my set done.  This past week it was ok.  I was able to get a little prep work down so I could have the veggies I wanted for breakfast and lunch… this past Saturday I was not able to get any prep done.  Next weeks report could be a disaster. Pray for me.

This week I had my traditional sauteed veggies for breakfast.

For lunch I had mixed nuts and carrot and celery sticks with hummus for lunch.  This is what happens when I don’t have time to make soup and salad jars over the weekend.  Thankfully, my friend Rachel happened to bring some of her yummy soup on the one day I didn’t have time to put together a lunch.  I really owe her big time!

I did get a few days that I could make dinner.  Here are some of the yummy things I made:

Wendy’s Ravioli with Pumpkin and Sage


This is so yummy!  I doubled the batch this time and was able to have it for more than one dinner.  It goes great with a nice green salad.

Once a week I eat an egg.  This egg dish really hits the spot!

Asparagus and Sunny Side up Eggs over Grits


I love how simple this dish is to make.  I love how the egg yolk melts through the grits.  Delish!

Eventually, I was able to make a small batch of this old favorite –

Wendy’s Cabbage Soup


Every once in a while I girl needs a desert.  This week I made…

Wendy’s Chocolate Peanut-butter Mousse


Well… actually, John made it for me.  I have also been fighting getting sick.  It happens when I get this busy and run down.  Because I know we are heading into cold and flu season, I made…

Fire Cider Tonic


The truth is I didn’t wait for the required month for the stuff to do it’s thing.  I dove right in.  I needed to kick what’s haunting me before it takes over me!  A little of this in a cup of hot water (like tea) or in a cup of ramen soup, really clears the sinuses and keeps me going.  On a couple days the “tea” was the only thing I felt like eating.

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