Thought Tuesday

Be the GOOD!

I’ve been thinking this for a few days.


It is easy to get caught up in believing there is no more good in this world.  All you have to do is to look around a little and you see tragedy and despair from all corners of the globe.

There is good!

You see.  Last week my daughter had a good Samaritan come to her rescue.  She had gone to the store for a few simple things.  She thought that since it was payday she could buy a few things.  However, when she got to the checkout line was told those dreaded words, “insufficient funds.”  She was embarrassed and started to cry.  Her 3 year old started to scream and cry because they had to put the chocolate milk back.  There was no money.  What could she do.  Then this good person stepped forward and gave her $40.  Of course, that made her cry even harder.

I’ve been thinking about that moment.  Do I step up when I see someone in need?  Do I cheer up the sad?  Do I encourage others and lift their spirits?


God saw the good in the world.  I can see the good in the world.


Being the good in the world in is more than being nice, respectful, and sincere.  It is being “the good” even we are surrounded by “bad.”  I means being nice, respectful and sincere when we don’t want to be nice, or respectful, or sincere.  It means looking for opportunities to serve.

It is not easy. it is a challenge to stay positive when so many around you are negative and negative events are happening all around the world.  It is hard to be uplifting in conversations when co-worker, friends, and even family, bring you down.

We need to demonstrate love when others demonstrate hate.  We need to inspire people.  We need to be the change.  We need to encourage others as we all work through difficult times.

I realize that I can’t control anyone.  I can only control myself. By controlling my choices I have the opportunity to let my light shine.  I have the opportunity to chase the darkness form someone else’s life.  Making the choice to choose light and happiness, I have the ability to help people around me.  By consciously choosing to be the good in the world, I have the chance to make the world a better place.

It is easy to say “be the good” in a blog post.  It is better to actually demonstrate grace, faithfulness, and sincerity.  I can’t be guilty of walking through the motions.  I need to immerse myself in kindness and mercy and extend a helping hand of of the goodness of my heart… not an obligation.

Oh the power that is with in each of us… Oh the good we could bring.

It doesn’t have to be hard.  It can be as easy as giving a compliment, being a supportive friend, advocating for others, being a good listener, donating a few extra dollars, praying for someone, or volunteering for a good cause.

Think about what “good” means: 1. to be desired or approved of. 2. that which is morally right, righteousness. 3. benefit to someone or something.

It is clear that to do “good,” to BE “good” is to choose the right; to make choices that benefit the world and make it a better place to live; to remember who you are, your purpose in life.


By living a “good” life we are an example.  We have the ability to change the world… one person at a time… just like the good Samaritan that helped my embarrassed daughter in a grocery store.

Every day we are given a choice… a choice to look up, to look forward.

“Wake up! and do some thing more…”

Choose to open your eyes to those in need.

Choose to love.

Choose to make a difference.

Choose to be the good in the world.

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