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Let It Go

I admit, I am a rather guarded person.  As a teen I dressed like a bruise wearing only black, purple, green, and white.  I did my best to avoid being vulnerable.  The trouble is, you can’t hide yourself from being vulnerable.  Painful experiences happen.

The key to happiness is letting them go.  Holding on to pain keeps you stagnate.  Healing cannot occur.


Just how do you let go?

Here are a few things that have helped me (and continue to help me) through the process of letting go and moving forward:

Find the lesson.

Every experience, no matter how painful, no matter how much your heart is breaking is here to teach you something.  Instead of harping on why a relationship didn’t work out, or the rude comment someone made, or the way things are going at work, be introspective and look at what that person, that situation, might teach you.  Long after the experience the lessons will be available.  The lesson becomes a vital component to your personal growth.  The lesson is a part of your evolution.  The lesson moves you forward.

Feel your feelings.

I wonder way it is we often stuff our feelings… whether it’s with cookies and ice cream, a long run or a set jaw, we all seem to stuff our feelings down.  We have trouble acknowledging feelings.  You can’t let go until you acknowledge your feelings.  I know.

Crying is most likely on your top 10 list.  Perhaps fear holds us back. Perhaps we fear a loss of former self.  After all, it is our “normal.”  It’s okay to let yourself grieve and to let go.  Over time, repressed emotions and pain will impact you physically… not ideal.  Trust me!

Be patient.

Letting go is not “getting over it.”  Actually, letting go is embracing the issue, learning from it, and letting go of the parts that don’t serve you.  Looking back at the past can often be disturbing sometime, but it can also produce opportunities to let go some more.  It is an opportunity to clean house and to take your emotional trash out… and cleaning house takes time.

Set your intentions for the future.

Letting go is an ongoing process.  It’s okay. Move forward one set at a time.


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