Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Practices Self-Discipline

Very few personal qualities contribute to a person’s success and happiness like the quality of self-discipline.  Sticking to my guns with this nutritionarian lifestyle takes self-discipline. My work ethic and my relationships with others takes self-discipline.  Self-discipline has led me to sustainable, long-term success.

A Warrior practices self-discipline.

When I practice self-discipline am able to deal with conflicts meeting my goals.  Take yesterday, for example.  A friend offered me a piece of coffee cake.  It smelled very good.  However, I have made a commitment to myself that I will avoid sugar and only eat things that hare high in nutrition compared to the calories they offer.  I just said, “No thanks. I choose to eat differently.”  My friend laughed at me a bit, but I was successful in keeping my goal.

Discipline has helped me to avoid indulging in behaviors to would harm my health.  Discipline helps me make positive decisions more easily.  Discipline allows me to make informed, rational decisions rather than making decisions dictated by impulses or feelings.


Discipline is a learned behavior… and I keep working on it.  Trust me, it takes PRACTICE day in and day out!  Everyday I choose to practice the following:

Remove temptation

That’s right.  I don’t buy sugar stuff.  I don’t go to fast food places.  “out of sight out of mind” is a great start,  Trust me… removing temptation and distractions from my environment has been important to my success.  I’m serious.  If you want to eat healthier, toss the junk food.  It works.  If you want to have better focus while working, turn off the cell phone or clean off your desk.

Eat regularly and eat what is good for you… and get adequate sleep

I am weakest when my blood sugar is low.  When I am hungry, really hungry, not bored hungry, my ability to concentrate suffers… brain power is not at it’s peak.  Real hunger makes it hard for you to focus, grumpy and even pessimistic.  To succeed in your goals you really do need to sleep well.  to succeed in you goals you really do need to eat plenty of vegetables and lay off the sugars and processed food.

Start over every day… don’t wait for it to “feel right”

I get it.  Making changes is uncomfortable and even awkward.  Your brain is wired to resist change in favor of what is already programmed.  It’s okay to embrace change.  Acknowledge that it takes time for a new routine or habit to feel good, to feel right.  Just keep trying.  Keep chugging along.  Eventually, you will have a new habit

A Warrior PRACTICES discipline.

I think it’s also important to say that you need to allow yourself a little wiggle room.  Not every day goes according to plan.  Disappointment happens.  I still need treats.  I’ve just changed what my treats choices have become.  Instead of cookies, I choose a massage.  Instead of diet Pepsi, I choose lemon water.


Practicing discipline has helped me to make good habits and break bad habits.  Practicing discipline has allowed me to live a freer life.  Practicing discipline has helped me to make healthier choices, not emotional one.  give it a try for yourself.  Your happy soul will thank you.

A Warrior PRACTICES discipline.

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