Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Mom

Today’s Warrior Wednesday is dedicated to my friend Callie, and all other women who brave the birthing process that brings life all of God’s sons and daughters on this earth.

I woke up this morning to see a Facebook post that Callie had her baby with the help of her family and the paramedics at home… clearly, an unplanned home birth.  Thankfully, everyone is well and resting up.

That’s a Warrior Woman!

It got me thinking.

I remembered my own mother’s stories of childbirth.  Several of my seven siblings came quickly into the world.  My youngest sister was even born in the car.

Talk about Warrior Women!


I have had the privilege of helping 2 of my daughters through their birthing experiences.  They are both WARRIOR WOMEN!

I have never thought of myself as being any good at labor and delivery.  Pregnancy was hard on me.  I developed pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) with each of my 5 children.  My first child was a memorable and traumatic birth.  Due to the PIH I had my first baby 6 weeks early after 18 hours of induced labor and an emergency c-section. The following babies brought more PIH and bed rest. My 5th and last baby arrived after several weeks of bed rest with my finally c-section.  Needless to say, pregnancy, labor and birth were never my strong point in motherhood.

All the same, as I reflect back on those days, I have come to the conclusion that pregnancy, labor and delivery is not for the faint hearted.  It takes a WARRIOR.

After labor and delivery are done everyone wants to hear the special, magic, awesome amazing parts.  They don’t really want to hear about the blood and gore and pain.  Most of the time women only share the G-rated version of the birth story.

Childbirth has been compared to running a marathon. For good reason! (OK.  I admit that I have not run a marathon, but I have been in labor for hours on end and it is exhausting!) I read some where that the level of stress and trauma at childbirth is the equivalent to the stress and trauma of a marathon.  Face it.  The physical and emotional demands are similar.

Have you ever watched a woman in labor?  They work hard!  You don’t see people on a hard workout in the gym put in as much effort as a woman in labor.

Perhaps you doubt how hard childbirth truly is… I can tell you, the only way to gain a real understanding is to experience childbirth for yourself.  This beautiful gateway for new life coming into the world – or the ninth circle of hell, depending on who you ask.

Now I may have developed PIH for each child I gave birth to, but my experience taught me that every baby brings a different experience.  Labor… “is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Some women describe the experience as annoying but bearable.  Some describe labor as excruciating pain that is all -encompassing.  Some say they felt like they were hit by a train.  There are so many descriptions of what labor feels like that is it difficult to determine what to expect.

One thing is always the same… it takes a Warrior to complete the experience.

Then… those cuddly bundles of joy grow up to be teenagers… and the WARRIOR MOM is really put to the test.



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