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Week Two of Mindful Eating Reboot.

I am finding it very hard to pack foods I can eat at work. Most work days I can’t just sit and eat. I need to eat something on the go. Monday I ate left over wild rice and veggies, topped with an egg for breakfast. For lunch I ate a protein bar and the crust of a piece of pizza that my daughter handed me. When I got home I was super hungry… I started making dinner and enjoyed a glass of half almond chocolate milk and half eggnog. I ate cucumber tofu with some cabbage in it for good measure for dinner.

Tuesday I ate a beet and cherry smoothie for breakfast. I ate a handful of mixed nuts and a veggie wrap for lunch. I was home early enough for dinner and made polenta with a marinara sauce for dinner.

Wednesday I ate leftover polenta and a couple black olives for breakfast. I ate a protein shake and a protein bar for lunch. Around rehearsal I was very hungry. My stomach even hurt a little. I ate a hand full of peanut butter pretzels. I was working when it was time for dinner, but I brought some leftover wild rice and veggies for dinner.

Thursday was a bad eating day. I was so tired. I ate ramen and veggies for breakfast. I had a handful of nuts at lunch. I gave the other quick foods I had grabbed to Lilli because she said she was starving. I had to work that evening too. I was pretty late when I got home. All I had the energy to do was make a piece of toast.

Friday I had to work a long day as well. John took pity on my and went to the store and got lots of walk around foods. For breakfast he made me a bagel with cream cheese. I had a few grapes, some triscuts with sliced cheese, and a protein bar. When I got home John had a small order of shoestring fries and a veggie burger from Burgerville. That guy is a keeper.

Saturday was a busy day with a rental at school and Christmas decorations to get up. I had ramen for breakfast because I am still fighting a cold of something and it’s what we do around here when we feel like crap. I wasn’t home for lunch. Janey donated some Sunchips. They helped me get to dinner time. For dinner I made veggie sausage with cabbage.

Sunday was a family eating day. There was no time for breakfast before church. For lunch I had tomato soup and a grill cheese sandwich. We had the family over for dinner. We made taco salad. John found some kind of veggie burger that was pretty good for my salad.

So I finished my second week of mindful eating. I think I am getting better at it. I am noticing more when I am truly hungry and when that hunger is really about boredom. I am enjoying the tastes of foods too. I am hoping to be more mindful of whole foods and veggies sooner, rather than later.

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