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It Can Be Done – Even When You are Insanely Busy

Wow!  What a week! The next 2 weeks look just as nuts.  However, eating well can be done!

This past week I ate a ton of salads.  My friends Rachel continued to bring me soup.  I did make a couple of yummy things.

This week I made

Wendy’s Tomato Pie


I love this recipe!  I love eating tomatoes.  As a kid I loved eating tomato sandwich.  This comes close and I don’t even miss the mayo I used to pile on the tomato sandwich!

Wendy’s Ratatouille


This is super easy and my family loves it.  It is one of my favorite ways to eat eggplant!  I don’t have a mouse in my chef hat, but I have succeeded in getting eggplant on the menu with this yummy dish.

Wendy’s Red Kidney Bean Chili


As busy as I was last week, a big crock pot of this yummy soup fed the family for a couple of days.  We like it with crushed tortilla chips sprinkled over the top of the bowl.

So that was the week.  No fast food.  All food that counted!  I was afraid I might have to fast for the week because I was not about to give in when I have come this far!


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