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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 50

Today I am grateful for a good day at work.

Today I am grateful for a Zoom rehearsal. It was a bit of a hot mess, but it was fun to see the kids and to try. We will be having Zoom rehearsals to get memorization down for the next couple of week, in the hopes that restrictions will left soon. Kids need this! They are losing all hope.

I am grateful for amazing, creative people. A friend created this amazing costume for Frozen. Jeff showed it to me today. Stunning!

So many things happening around me… I am grateful for the thought in A Year of Positive Thinking for the day. “It does get better. You will experience moments when you feel like the world is against you, when nothing seems to work, when it feels like everything that can go wrong has. There are some circumstances that can’t be fixed or made better immediately. There will be times when your world does not feel okay. As best as possible, you must sit and honor truth. In those moments, allow yourself to cry, shout, or to be upset. Feel what you feel. But then surrender into what is. I can’t say when or how, but time. surrender, and healing will allow you to find solace. It does get better. Know this.”


I know it get better. I experience “better” during many moments. The real trick is remembering this truth on a regular basis.

Today I am grateful that John liked my Temple and Family History Plan. I am assigned to his committee because of RS. I was told to make a plan by Sunday. Done. He likes it. The committee seems to like it. Now, we will see if the ward council likes it.

Today I am grateful that Lilli is holding down the fort at home, helping Riley and keeping things moving in the right direction while I am busy with work all day.

Today I am thankful a keto drink, 2 slices of pepper jack cheese, 2 slices of smoked turkey, a few saltine crackers, a Beyond Burger and small fry from Carl’s Jr., and Keto chocolate pudding.

Today I am thankful John is washing the dishes.

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