I’m Dreaming of a Snow Day

My life is a whirlwind.

I truly do need to resign from something. However, I don’t know what thing to let go of… it must be my blog. LOL. My intention was to write something everyday.


It’s been a hot minute.

I was recently reminded that writing is something I need to process the chaos I am juggling.

Today I am choosing to write about a snow day. I wish I had a snow day. On a good snow day, the whole world seems to come to a screeching halt. It’s quiet when you step outside. Life slows down. We all move slower. We take our time getting ready for the morning. We curl up and sip hot chocolate and possibly read a book. We take time to play with friends and family in the snow. We take time to make comfort food rather than grabbing a quick bite in a drive-through as we dash to our next obligation. A good snow day is natures way of inviting us to slow down, to meditate. A good snow day is nature’s invitation to take a break and rejuvenate.

The forecast is predicting snow on Thursday. Snow in my area is rare. I think Wednesday evening I need to wear my pajamas inside out and backward, flush a few ice cubes, and sleep with my feet at the foot of the bed. It worked when I was a kid, maybe it will work now!

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