#bethelight – Day 313, 314, and 315

My days may be busy, but you can never be too busy to be kind.

I was a sub for my friend on Thursday and Friday.  He had a scheduled trip to see some plays with family and friends so I covered his classes and managed rehearsals on my own.  It’s a lot harder to “be him” and “be me” then it looks.  I am realizing more and more that he is on blessed guy because I come in everyday and help out so that his over-demanding job is doable.  When he is gone, and I get to be “him,” there is no “me” to pick up some of the burden.  Kindness is helping each other carry the loads that we each move through life with.

Yesterday was a set build day.  This is the most ambitious set I have ever attempted.  So much to do!  I worked from 10-2:30.  I tried not to be annoyed when the student helpers all left in the middle for lunch.  I don’t begrudge them getting food.  I just found it annoying that they took an hour out of my short work time to get said food.  I really needed to leave at 2 yesterday to attend a wedding thing for someone I really care about.  And I am so far behind with this set!  There is much to do in the two weeks I have left before tech!  Anyway, I left and did the wedding thing, planning on returning to work for a couple of hours in the evening.  I put out a call for help and got several kids.  They worked hard and we were able to finish the walls and even get the base paint done.  Their return was a major act of kindness.  This project has stressed me a bit because my usual adult helpers have not been around, so to have them come and do their est was refreshing.  There are flaws.  It’s not perfect.  However, it is student creation and something to be proud of.


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