Theatre Thursday

The Job of the Actor is to Understand, Not Judge the Character

I was a substitute today at school.  In Production Workshop we are beginning a unit on improving character development.  I showed the class a couple of great clips where seasoned actors shared some sound advice about the development of a solid, believable character.

I love what he had to say.  He said it wasn’t his job to judge the character.  It was his job to understand the character.  Main great actors understand this concept.


I wish more young actors understood this lesson and were willing to dive in deep in research and in their imagination, to understand the character in order to give a more authentic, believable performance.

The funny thing is, this principle is true in real life too.  Imagine a world where people didn’t judge others, where people sought to understand others and human behavior.  Oh, what a different world this would be.


Personally, I find that we have more in common than we give each other credit for.  Maybe we should start our road to understanding by concentrating on the things we have in common.  Then, we will be on the road to understanding.

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