Family Friday

An Other Week Down

Big week around the Boyack house this week.  We started our “week” (remember that I report on Fridays so Saturday is  the beginning out the weekly report) with half the family celebrating Jon Jessops’ wedding.

Kimber and Ray, McKay and Myles, Chad and John all enjoyed the festivities in Utah, from the temple experience to the reception.

I have some great memories Of Jon Jessop.  Such a smiley kid.  Determined.  Adventurous.  Kind.  Loyal.  He is definitely the greatest friend to my son Chad.  Jon has been a life saver!  Watching him with his new bride was a blessing.  He will make a great husband and father.


Chad had fun planning a bachelor party for Jon too.

Meanwhile, Lilli and I stayed home and worked on the set for Mamma Mia.

Then, I went home and stayed up until 4 in the morning canning the 200# of tomatoes and a some tamatillos I harvested from my garden.  It takes  a long time to can that many veggies by myself.  I ended up with 20 jars of spaghetti sauce and 20 jars of diced tomatoes and 10 jars of green chili salsa.  But I was SO tired!

Everyone eventually made their way home.  First they had some fun playing with cousins and visiting with family.

Kimber and Ray found some fun places to stop and stretch their legs along the drive.

Lilli went on the Ghost Walk in Independence with her friends.  She reported that it wasn’t as cool as  when she went with Hannah.  She said it was scary without Hannah.

I went to the school every day and helped with classes.  I  even subbed a few days.  Those days are especially long.  I also taught voice lessons at school everyday during lunch and on Monday and Wednesday after school

Hannah is doing well on her mission.  She said goodbye to her first trainee and is now training a new companion.  She gets to do some interesting activities on P-day.  This week she went caving.  I asked how it was and she said “muddy.”  She wasn’t kidding.  Just look at the state of those pants!

So that was the week.  We definitely keep busy around here.

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