Menu Monday

Pushing Forward

I continue down the path of incorporating life-enhancing, delicious, plant power foods into my diet.  I continue to significantly cut back on animal products.  However, struggle to be as strict with the “rules” of Eat to Live due to my lack of time.  I struggle to find time to prep my foods and I struggle to find the time to eat all the yummy raw foods.  It take a long time to chop and cook foods.  It takes a long time to chew veggies.


Monday I had spaghetti made with the sauce I had made from fresh ingredients from my garden.  That evening I made a fresh butternut squash soup.  You can check out that recipe here.


On Tuesday I ate the last of my spaghetti with a little vegan cheese and a few crackers with peanut butter for lunch.  I had a quick Morning Star veggie burger on bread for dinner.


On Wednesday I had a salad for lunch and a salad for dinner.  I also ate a couple of my daughter’s bread sticks.


On Thursday I had hummus with veggies and Nanna.  I came home late and was so tired, so for dinner I ate veggie tots and a few home made bread sticks.


Friday was a long day too. It happens when I am a sub and have rehearsal too.   I had more veggies and hummus and a nut bar at lunch time.  Since I didn’t get home until 8 pm, I only had the energy to eat a little.  My husband had made me more veggie tots… so I ate them.


Saturday was a busy day.  I worked in the morning on my set.  I came home and ate a couple of veggie tots before dashing out to a wedding reception.  The wedding reception had some yummy fruit and grilled veggies that I enjoyed.


On Sunday I made Ratatouille.  I love this recipe.  I especially love that the tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant all came from my garden.  I didn’t make it look all fancy.  I just chopped it all up and threw it into the Dutch oven.  So it wasn’t all pretty, but it was tasty!  You can view that recipe here.

I may not be the picture perfect Joel Fuhrman disciple, but I am making an effort and I am feeling so much better than I did 2 years ago. Perhaps when my current show is done I will work at being more diligent in my food prep and in following the “rules.”

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