Warrior Wednesday

A Warrior Continues to Forgive


Once upon a time I thought that forgiveness indicated that whatever action a person did was acceptable.  This thought made forgiveness hard.  As I gain more understanding and wisdom, I realize that this is not forgiveness.  I am discovering that forgiveness is letting go.  Forgiving is an ongoing practice for me.


A warrior forgives because she doesn’t want to carry around the baggage.  It just weighs her down.

A warrior recognizes that holding grudges and blaming others only hurts her.


A Warrior forgives.

To grow, to develop personally, to gain person empowerment, you must practice forgiveness.  Forgiveness is essential for living a full and happy and meaningful life.


A Warrior forgives.  Real forgiveness is only possible through Christ.  The forgiveness we can practice is letting go and allowing Christ to move in and do His job.  Without God’s grace, without the Savior, there would be no forgiveness in this world.


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