Menu Monday

Can I Eat Like a Buddhist?

I’ve been thinking about how I can get my rear in gear and get back into the habit of tracking my meals and help. I have also been reading a little about the diets of practicing Buddhist and Hindu. There is a little of what I have learned that can assist me in my efforts to be a more mindful eater:

  • Eat plants! I’ve got this one down. I love eating plants. I’ve gotten to the point where the smell and texture of meat is something I really can’t stand. I have tried some fish in the past 6 months, and it wasn’t that bad, but as a whole, I eat plants. Buddhists believe in non-violence to all creature, thus they eat plants. I sort of do that. I eat lots of veggies and fruits, but I need to add more lentils and beans. I like soups best. It’s a good thing it’s soup season! I do eat eggs here and there and cheese. But plants are it!
  • A good Buddhist/Hindu would follow a daily schedule. I need work on this idea. Breakfast lunch and dinner would be a set times. The routine would stay the same. My only “routine” is that I don’t have one. My schedule is all over the place. However, a practice of routine meals might help me to regulate my appetite better. An earlier dinner would allow me to practice intermittent fasting – also healthy for the body.
  • Avoid snacking. This one can be tricky. However, I must admit that I feel better on days I don’t snack.
  • Always eat in the presence of others. Not only does this make meal time more about socializing rather than gorging oneself, it cuts down on the temptation to “sneak” food.
  • Enjoy home cooked meals. I love this one. I get to control levels of salt, preservatives and flavors. It’s awesome! However, again, I need to work on this tip. I often don’t have the time to make foods on busy days.
  • Something I’d like to try is eating meals after meditation. This would mean I would be calm, relaxed and happy when the meal was consumed. This is a good thing because eating when you are calm aids digestion. It is good to take a moment of gratitude for your meal and to eat it in an unhurried and calm state.

and finally…

  • Help with meals. My favorite meals are becoming the meals that someone helps me. Helping each other to prepare the meal helps to increase gratitude… for the food it’self and for all of the people who helped to make it.

So… there it is… the things I am working towards to become a more mindful eater and a healthier person.

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