Menu Monday

Resetting my mindful eating goals

Okay… I am going to try again to document what I put into my mouth just to help me be mindful of the things I am choosing to nourish myself with. I am hoping that mindful eating will help me rejuvenate my healthy eating habits. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps a person recognize and cope with emotions and physical stresses. I am attempting to eat more slowly and without distractions, eat only until I am full or satisfied, notice colors, smells, sounds, textures and flavors more, and develop more gratitude for my food and the energy it gives me. So here it goes.

Monday was busy. No surprise there. I wasn’t feeling too well in the morning so I ate some Ramen soup. I’m not sure why that is a thing at our house, but it is. You eat Ramen soup when you are feeling sick. It was chips and salsa for lunch. I ate left over orange yams and a left over roll from Thanksgiving for dinner.

Tuesday I was still a bit under the weather… mostly just super tired after our whirlwind trip to Utah. I choose a lentil soup for breakfast. For lunch I had a luna bar and a cliff bar. I just don’t have time for food at work. I am constantly helping students, even through the assigned lunch time. I need something that I can walk around and munch on. With the trip, I didn’t have time to prep any foods on Saturday, so bars it was. When I got home from rehearsal, rather late, I got out the chips and guacamole and ate another bowl Ramen.

Wednesday was a busy day too. I ate the last of the left over quiche from Thanksgiving for breakfast. I ate a luna bar and a cliff bar around lunch. By rehearsal time I was starving. Lilli brought me a veggie burger from Carl’s Jr. After rehearsal I went to McKay’s and helped with the kids while she and Myles went to a play. I ate some noodles with red sauce there.

Thursday I was in a grumpy mood. I got up early to go to a meeting that was cancelled. I got to hang out at home a little longer in the morning. But the bad mood led to the choice of eating mashed potatoes for breakfast. I had a cliff bar for lunch. I made some vegan sausage and sauerkraut for dinner.

Friday I got up early for an ortho appointment. I was oping to do better at eating choices for the day. I started with left over sausage and sauerkraut. Then, I didn’t eat or drink anything all day. Poor choice. By the time I got to 7pm I was dying! I grabbed the leftover chips Lilli had left on the table and ran off to do St Nicholas Day for the grand kids. After our last delivery, John and I stopped at Taco Bell and I got 2 bean burritos. Oops… failed at my initial goal there.

Saturday I had an early breakfast meeting. I ordered 2 sunny-side up eggs, hashbrowns and toast. I then worked on the family Christmas letter all day long. I munched on some Ramen soup, some mashed potatoes (I made them for Lilli and John for lunch. They looked good), a piece of toast and some nuts by the end of the day.

Sunday I didn’t eat breakfast because I got up late for church. When we got home I ate some chips with guacamole and salsa. Later on I ate a piece of our chocolate sugar free fruit cake. I forgot to take a picture. I made the family chicken and rice for dinner. I ate the brown/wild rice mix with a little clarified butter and grilled zucchini and broccoli for dinner.

One thing about it, taking a picture of everything I eat makes me think twice about the choices I make. I sure hope this helps my get my act into better shape.

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