#bethelight – Day 157

Today did not go as I envisioned it. I thought I was working one job, only to find out I wasn’t. I missed out on the opportunity to sub too. I had extra work on top of that, thrown at me. Then the light system at my school crashed. The fire alarm was telling my system there was an emergency when there wasn’t. It effected an event in my theater. The the real “sub didn’t show up. I had to fill in… for free. I couldn’t go home and do stuff at home because I was waiting for the people to fix the alarm system and I needed to be available if the system decided to go dark (which it did during a choir performance during the choir completion that was in my space all day. So… my act of kindness was to make lemonade out of the lemon day. I got a 4 hour slot of uninterrupted time to write a letter to my missionary daughter. She love snail mail. This week she will be getting a 15 a=page letter.LOL that’s what happens when I have time to kill.

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