Family Friday

Wrapping up November

The week of Thanksgiving everyone had the vacation time… sort of. I still had to work on Monday and Tuesday. It was parent teacher conference. Only 5 families stopped by to see me, all at the round table open forum type conferences. All of my scheduled conferences didn’t come in.

John took me to get mani/pedis for an anniversary date. We decided to try gel nails with me. My natural nails are super thin and week. The nice nail lady said that gel nails might help my nails feel stronger. They actually do. I am having a little trouble getting used to having them longer than I am used to, but I really like them. If there was one thing I might be tempted to be vain about, it would be pretty nails. It’s the one thing that I feel pretty about… pretty hands. I’m not one to like wearing makeup or spending time on hair… but pretty nails. I like that.

Lilli got to spend time chill-axing. It’s been a rough and long couple of weeks so she enjoyed sleeping in and hanging out with her siblings. Chad was home for the week and that always means last nights which makes sleeping in a must. In addition, she has been fighting a really bad cold. The rest was greatly needed. She and Hannah did go out and did a photo shoot. Kimber is working on her photography skills and Lilli was a willing model. I do love how they turned out.

John took the week off and did some chores. He started the editing of the musical so we can make dvds for all the kids involved. He started the things we need to do to build a roof over the deck. That involved cutting holes in the roof and securing these special jacks to hold up the future roof. It made him rather nervous. He didn’t want the roof leaking because of this new addition to house structure.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house. John even did projects while we were trying to make dinner. But he did come up with a few entertaining games for the grand kids to do. He made up some game where they would use straws to blow one of his ear plugs across a tray of water. He also bought boom wackers and made the family play tunes on them. They kids were mostly interested in wapping stuff with them.

Don’t you just love the look on Hannah’s face in that picture?! This is how Hannah feels about fresh rolls, straight from the oven.

The day after Thanksgiving we hit the road for Utah. It was a little odd that we went in three cars. Chad and Hannah went in his car because he needed it back in Utah. John and Kimber were in his car and Lilli was in the truck with me. The drive to Utah was only rough for about 20 minutes, just before Tremonten, Utah. I needed to wake up Lilli to help me watch the road. It was snowing very hard. The sky was white. The road was white. I couldn’t even see the edge of the road. Truthfully, God blessed us. We really did miss the major storms.

John left earlier than we did to help get McKay to the airport. She and Tatum flew. She didn’t want to do two long drives with a baby over 3 days. I don’t blame her. However, we were all determined to get to Utah to attend the sealing of Fia to Hoko. Family is family. Family is there for the important things. Anyway, after dropping off McKay at the airport, John went to Multnomah Falls and hiked to the top while he waited for us to get there and for Kimber to get into his car. We needed to get Kimber, McKay, Tatum, Hannah, and Lilli home, and thus the number of cars driving on the trip).

Meanwhile, McKay arrived in Utah much before we did. Her friend came down from Logan and did lunch with her and they dyed McKay’s hair a festive color. She had her friend drop her off at the train station so she could go down to Utah Valley to see her aunt and uncle, but the train was delayed due to the storm. She ended up taking a Uber to Fia’s in-laws for the afternoon and evening before meeting us at the hotel when we rolled around 9:00 pm. We had many stops to stretch our legs and to use the bathroom. That with the storm made the drive a little longer than usual. But we did find some special outfits at Walmart for Hannah. She wasn’t impressed.

Utah snow is awfully pretty. We don’t get much snow in western Oregon, so a good snow day is extra fun. Lilli and McKay had a good snowball fight while they waited for the rest of us to get our act together. We visited a couple of stores before heading up the hill to the Draper Temple.

The sealing of Fia and Hoko was so special. I sure love that girl. She has worked hard for this opportunity. Her man is perfect for her as well. I love that her family has adopted our family as family. My favorite part of the whole day was seeing her parents joy and her joy at this occasion. You could tell that this is what heaven is like. Kimber did their photos. I am super proud of her.

I always love a good Polynesian party. The food was yummy. The entertainment bought a smile to my face. But the best part was hanging out with my best sister friend Jo. I sure miss that girl.

Back at home, the dads held down the forts. Myles and the kids got the Christmas light up while Ray and the kids went with their Jessop gran parents to get a Christmas tree.

Lilli and Hannah also went to thrift stores and found a dress Lilli likes for the next formal dance at school. Mostly, it looks like she is exhausted, physically and mentally. I just hope she knows that I am proud of her doing her best to hold it all together and for trying her best. Being a mom is hard. I have never been good at letting my kids know that I think they are amazing, beautiful people. I am pretty sure I am a rather prickly person and I fear my kids get my prickliest parts. Sorry guys.

So… that wraps up November. Now we are off and running through December at a much faster pace then I’d like, and yet I am looking forward to Christmas break with much anticipation.

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