Family Friday

Week at the Boyacks 

 Well… we survived the third week of CET.  It’s actually been better than survive, even if I am completely exhausted.  This week I basically finished all my sets… although I have some banners to make for the Gala in 2 weeks.  My stage manager class is coming along.  There are only 3 kids in the class.  It is hard to split up 4 shows with 3 kids. LOL.  This past week we talked about effective communication.  Sadly, it didn’t sink in.  A director came to my complaining that the kid assigned to his show has issues with following directions, sighs and rolls his eyes when he is ask for something specifically, and actually interrupted a rehearsal yelling, “cut! Cut!  You missed a light cue,” followed by arguing with the director over which script was right.  Gah!  This is the same kid that when I told the director who was her stage manger she cried.  I should have taken that as a sign.  Live and learn.

My lighting class is learning good stuff.  We’ve talked about different instruments, color, McCandles theory, and made homemade gobos.  They still like playing with follow spots the best though.

In my painting class I’ve taught them to pain smooth first coats, brick work with sponges, 2 different wet mix techniques, and a feather technique for texture.  They’ve actually painted pieces of the set.  Seriously, I’ve got some kids that have got some talent… and some that don’t.  LOL.

We actually had tons of painting to work on… nearly everything I designed is double sided…

… and some painting was more or less like cartooning…

On project did not go as planned.  it looked horible!  Hannah to the rescue!  I brought Hannah to CET one day and turned her loose while I taught class.  She took this…

… actually used a ruler and the original drawing…

… and saved the day!

I believe I am done now because I’ve got 30+ kids in the tech program and They all contribute to the work.

My staff is great too!  I love these guys!  They are fun.  They work hard.  They follow directions.  They volunteer when not asked.  They definitely bless my life.

Because we are so far ahead with sets and props we didn’t have any projects for the tech kids to do during our double day.  On double day we have all the tech kids for 3 hours instead of 1.  We had them work at clean up for one hour and then we needed to come up with something fun so that we didn’t have a revolt.  I so a funny game idea on Pintrest and gave it a try… Angry birds Live.  We stacked all the old cardboard boxes up and put large balls in the wall.  Then we gave the kids small birds to throw.  I can now say we are the favorite teachers at CET.  LOL.  I bet I get 30 more kids in tech next year!  LOL.  I have the same problem this coming week… what to do with kids that aren’t needed in rehearsal.  hmmmm… Guess I’d better start surfing Pintrest again.  🙂

We even had a contest to see who could make the coolest “bird” face on their little ball.  I’m telling you… I’m a little nuts.

Rehearsal for Secret Garden is coming along…  I still have a revolving door of people coming and going.  Sure makes it hard to block and to practice.  And it also looks like many of them don’t look at their scripts outside of rehearsal!  Gah!  There is too much to do to not practice.  Each time we run the music we have to start over.    I sure hope this next week goes a bit more smoothly.  In addition, my Assistant Director is my boss at CET.  When we proposed the show we thought it would help me get in… it did, but he is so busy with CET that he doesn’t have time to help me.  I sure hope God has mercy on me and this show makes it… I should be thankful that my CET sets are done so I can now go to more Secret Garden rehearsals.  I guess He is granting me some of His mercy!

My costumer has started bringing in costumes.  They look great!  These are the two servants from India and 3 of my dancing spirit guides.  I love them!

Friday was dress up day at CET.  Lillian dress was a sea creature… She was cold most of the day so she wore her blanket all around CET.  Silly girl.

Saturday was the softball rewards for Lillian’s softball team.  They lost their game on Thursday, so they did not advance to the finals.  They were all pretty sad, but they all lived.  🙂  Sports has bitten Lilli.  She now wants to do it all… volleyball, cheer leading, basketball, and more softball… not to mention more dance, swim lessons, and plays.  Hello!  I can’t keep up!  We may need to curve the interests a bit.

I also took the girls to see Cats! at Broadway Rose in Tigard.  We also took my friend Megan for her birthday.  It was ok.  Some of my favorite characters were ruined by this interpretation.  Some characters did a fair job.  I think the best part was watching Lillian sitting at the edge of her seat, wide eyed, riveted to the play.  Of course, it could have been because the lady in front of her was too tall for Lillian to see over.

Speaking of cats… Lillian has been asked to babysit a Siamese cat for a month for one of my voice students.  Most people at our house are not very supportive.  This cat shouldn’t go outside because we don’t want to loose her.  Well… while we were out watching Cats, the boys at home left the door open the the cat slipped out.  Lillian was devastated when she got home. (She’s been feeling less than supported lately).  She cried.  I tried to help her look for the cat.  Finally, we convinced her to say a prayer.  In the morning… no cat.  She cried again.  This time, John felt guilty and offered to say a prayer with her too.  I felt like I should wander over by the chickens since the cat likes to sit in Chad’s window looking at the chickens.  Lillian followed me out.  We were chatting about where the cat could have gone.  John was posting on Facebook that the cat was missing.  Missy was circling and sniffing the air.  Lillian was sure that the cat was there if Missy could smell it.  She started to call the cat and we heard a small “meow”.  Lillian screamed with delight.  But we couldn’t see the cat.  Finally, Lillian looked up.  There was the cat… on the ROOF!  See Lillian.  Heavenly Father answers prayers… and family members are now more careful about leaving doors open.

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