Family Friday

Week at the Boyacks… 

I am a couple of weeks behind.  I’ll just say we have been super busy with all kinds of fun stuff.  Two weeks ago Lillian and I started CET.  The first morning Lilli lost a tooth when she got out of bed.  This time the Tooth Fairy actually remembered to come without a reminder e-mail.  LOL.  And yes… we still believe in the Tooth Fairy… and Santa Claus around here.

CET is an exciting adventure that Lillian and I share.  We leave early (around 7:15 am) and get home late.  This year is a little more complicated because we share Secret Garden rehearsals as well.  Meanwhile, while we started CET, Chad was visiting McKay and Myles in Utah.  I don’t have any pictures of his visit.  Chad also got to see a few Boyack relatives, Marshal Gibson and he even got to meet John Bytheway.  I hear he even got acquainted with Utah wildlife.  He found a snake to play with.  He even got a lesson about snake when he called John to learn about snakes that live in Utah… after he poked it with a stick for awhile.  Hannah went to Girl’s Camp.  I don’t have any pictures of that either.  I wonder why I am the only one gathering pictures here.  I say gather because I often get pictures from Facebook.  LOL.

I got a ton done at my first parent work night at CET.  Most of the build is done already and I’ve only had 3 work nights…

I mostly have paint to do now…

This will turn into a giant book for Into the Woods… This will be Cinderella’s fireplace.

This will be the giant book with the Baker’s oven for Into the Woods… all this was completed the first week of CET.

We also went to rehearsals for Secret Garden.  Most of the show is now blocked… all of the dances have been taught… the music has been taught… and now it is time to clean things up.

I really appreciate my creative team.  Robert hasn’t been there much because he is my boss at CET and is very busy with CET stuff.  Still, he is there when I need him.  Jeff may be on a cruise right now, but he is my rock that I lean on.  He helps me with the music and supports me when things get nuts.  Kimber took on being the choreographer at the last minute.  She’s been a little nervous.  She doesn’t need to be.  She is doing a great job.  I know she is mostly nervous because this is her first adventure in this kind theatrical adventure.

I’m glad they are all a part of this.  it’s been tough because we’ve had trouble getting enough actor/singers.  We are on the 8th person for one part.  We are even still missing a bass to play Major Shelley.  It’s rather annoying.  Yet my team has been there to help me every step of the way.  I also have a great Costumer, MaryAnn, that totally gets my vision.  Her daughter Dani will be doing sound for the show, but she has been a great sounding board for me as I’ve gone through this process for the first time at this theater.

I was very relieved to get the set model.  I had started blocking without one.  I’ve had to make a few adjustments, but it is working out quite nicely.  I really like all the shapes and levels that the set designer is willing of giving me to work with.

Meanwhile, my garden is growing!  We’ve harvested green peppers, snap peas, and raspberries this week.  I’m so excited for the tomatoes to come on!  I’m glad that it will grow when I’m not home to work with it for a month.

Last Saturday I took all the girls (McKay sadly missed it) to see The Addams Family the Musical in Portland.  I could only afford the seats at the top of the theater, but it was worth it!

The show was fantastic!  I liked the girl that played Wednesday and the lighting the best.  Lilli and Kimber enjoyed the dancing.  I think Hannah just liked the whole thing!

After the show, we stopped at Red Robin for lunch/dinner.  Boy!  It’s spendy to take people somewhere nice!  $65 later we headed home with great memories and full bellies.

For dress up day at CET Lilli gave herself some crazy hair with gel, purple hair spray and glitter.  She even got a shout out in the TA video for the week.

Week 2 of CET was a great week.  Of course, there were a few rough days, like the day the little boy cut his finger with a box knife.  We had a lesson knife safety.  We taught that you should cut in the direction of the body parts.  He forgot.  His knife slipped. There was blood.  He did go into shock a bit.  He got 3 stitches.  And it turned out that his mom is the committee chair for the set building crew.  OOPS.  That same day my suburban died… and I struggled to keep 43 people busy at work night.  Let me tell you, I don’t want a day like that again!

At CET I teach a Stage Manager class, a Set painting class and an lighting class.  So far my classes are learning good things.  In Stage Manager class the kids are learning how to analyse a script and to make prop, sound and lighting lists.  I have one student that has learned delegation too well.  He gets another kid to do nearly all of his work for him.  I’ve talked to him about it, but he continues to “delegate”.  Lighting class as learned about various lighting instruments, how to hang an instrument, and spot lights.

The paint class has learned wet mixing techniques, and care for equipment.  I also have to come up with jobs for 30 kids everyday for an hour.  That is really hard.

I decided to use brown paper all wrinkled up to make the trees for Into the Woods.  The we sponged texture onto the paper.

The giant books open and have the beginning of the story printed on it with old style art on the pages.

By the end of week two my books were nearly done…

This is how Cinderella’s fireplace turned out.  Oh, we used Styrofoam to make the rocks.  It needs a little more texture, but I love how it turned out!

Lillian’s CET choir performed at Special Performances.  She even had a little solo.  She said she got it because she was the loudest. LOL!  A boyack that is the loudest!  The next day her CET dance class performed in Special performance.  She did great.  She really lights up when she is on stage.  That is a good thing because she is also Annie in Annie Christmas at CET.  This is a big summer for Lilli.

CET had a short week for it’s second week.  Yet, it still felt long. It is a pretty stressful, but worth it.  It is easier because I have a couple staff members that help me get through each day.  This is my TA most of the day.  He’s a great kid.  He works hard.  The best thing is that he is the “heart throb” this year.  That gives us all endless opportunities to tease him.  🙂

I slept through the traditional 4th of July Flag thing and cinnamon roll thing.  I was tired.  I can’t eat stuff there anyway.  But John and Lilli went.  Then we all went down to watch the parade.  John had set up chairs and stuff… but he didn’t see the throw up on the ground.  We didn’t have anywhere to move to so we stayed there.  The Jessops came and joined us, as did the Hiltons and the Wights.

Ben loved it!  He clapped for everything that went by.  Favorite moments from the parade: My friend’s daughter, Heidi, not bothering to go to the bathroom and just peed where she stood… next to me… so she didn’t miss the parade; the same little girl calling the astronaut an ass just because she couldn’t remember what he was really called; the empty float that we decided was the Alzheimer’s awareness float and they just forgot to show up;  Lilli being a part of the parade on the CYS float until she got to us; and the fact that we got to celebrate my friend Shar’s birthday; deciding that “throw up” should be changed to “blending”; Ben’s clapping and waving at the parade.

After the parade Hannah worked all afternoon in the Performing Arts Booster Club Ice Cream Booth.

She actually got to work Thursday and Friday.  That was a blessing because she didn’t sign up because she kept forgetting to ask if she could.  She’s earning money for her choir trip account.

I worked sound again.  I wasn’t going to do it again this year, but the car broke and I could use the money to fix it… so I caved and said yes.  I actually had fun with this group.  They were a country group from Portland, soon to move to Nashville.  They were actually very good.  And they were nice.  Lillian danced around in the crowd below me.  She makes friends everywhere she goes.  She had fun meeting people and playing.  Hannah and Chad hung out with the Jessops.  Eventually, John rode his bike to the park and watched the fireworks with me.  Then he rode home.

I hear the Ben liked the fireworks.  He didn’t like the noise at first, but soon settled in to enjoy all the pretty lights.  He even snuggled Hannah at the end of the night.  This is a rare occurrence.
Hannah and Chad enjoyed the fireworks on Saturday night too.  They got to hang out with friends… Emma, Aubrey, Jacob, etc.  Hannah got to work at the park on Friday night.  She got paid $15 an hour to set up the band and enjoy it with Sai and then take it down.

Actually, the whole week wore us all out!  Case came on Friday… we all got a nap.  LOL.  The funny part about Case coming Friday was that Laura brought him over and 2 hours later Emma texted that she was bringing him over.  LOL  How could they miss him being gone?  He is so busy here we all know where he is.

Friday night Lilli went to the drive in with Kimber, Ray and the Jessops.  They saw Despicable me 2 ans Man of Steel.  Lilli said she fell asleep.  I’m too tired for the Drive in these days.  Meanwhile, I kept Ben.  He lost his binky.  We went for a couple of drives because he was worried that his mom was missing.  We went to DQ first.  He was so funny.  He fell asleep licking his ice cream cone.  The second drive we went to buy a new binky and then drove around the country until he fell asleep.  At least he was in the car when I needed to get Hannah from working at the park.  Chad and John went on an over night bike trip to practice for the up coming bike trip with the YM.

These two love to work together to re-arrange all of my stuff… usually on the floor.

But when you see this face, how can you get mad? or frustrated? when you step on Legos or stub your toe on a can…

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