Family Friday

Week at the Boyacks 

It’s been a couple of weeks!  So much has happened!  So this picture didn’t happen this week.  What did happen is that John finally gave me pictures he had taken with his phone.  These people are the people he served on the school board with for the past couple of years.  I think he will miss the people…. not the hours so much.  He claims he will try school board again… after life slows down.  I see two things wrong with this thought.  First, will life ever slow down? And second, I think he will find other things to fill his time.  At any rate, this picture represents his final duty as a school board member.

Last week we got ready for camping.  John got out some suitcase thing out that he stores all his hiking things in (personally, I don’t see a suitcase on a hike but it works for him).  Lilli decided to help him out by digging in the case and finding treasures. She found a wig that John got for April Fool’s day way back in the Praegitzer days.  Lilli was not impressed with John’s look WITH hair.  I think I laughed for 15 minutes.

The biggest event of the week was that Myles and McKay came for their annual visit.  They were tons of fun.  Myles got in the kiddy pool with Lilli to swim a few laps… and they went to the park to play in their jammies… and played games.  McKay also spent some time in doctor’s offices.  She got her teeth cleaned… got a physical… and got her wisdom tooth pulled.  She did it all here because she is still on our health insurance and Kaiser Permanente doesn’t have offices in New Mexico or Utah.

 Ben and Kimber would come and play a ton while McKay and Myles were here.  The funny thing about Ben is that he will climb onto anything and try to take it for a ride.  I think that this is one of his favorite toys in the back yard… if you don’t count the dogs… or Lilli.
 Half way through the week we finished packing up to go camping at the beach.  I hate that process.  It feels like it takes a week to pack up your crap so that you can leave the comforts of home to live in a tent (even a tent on wheels).  Then, after you get back home, sore from sleeping on a bad mattress and barely able to walk because your back is out, it takes a week to clean it all up and put it all away.  Meanwhile, while you are camping, everything you do from cooking to cleaning, takes three times as long than if you were home.  Yet, I sacrifice, once a year at the very least, because my family likes to go.
This year Myles’ mom and sister joined the party. It took us most of the day to get to Nehalem Bay.  On the way I was amused by the real estate sign sitting in front of a cemetery.  It may be the only piece of real estate I could afford.  LOL.  We also stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for ice cream and fudge. Oh yeah, and we stopped at Fred Meyer for the stuff people forgot who were already at camp.

We had two cars with us because we needed to bring home more people that went with us, so we caravan-ed along until we were able to park and set up camp.  I was impressed with myself that I backed the trailer into it’s spot all be myself.

 When we got to camp Ben and Kimber came to help.  They had been camping with the rest of the Jessops for several days.
 Ben was very helpful…
He carefully examined everything John was working on…

We got camp set up just in time… it began to POUR.  Thankfully, I had planned foil dinners in the Dutch ovens, so we all got to eat.  After dinner we all hunkered down… except for Chad.  He took off for a run just before dark.  He planned on being gone about 30 minutes.  He still has a seven minute mile.  We wondered how he was doing when the down pour came.  We knew he would be soaked clear through.  Around 11pm, John and I were very worried.  If we were soaked and cold, Chad had to be more wet and cold.  We knew he didn’t have a cell phone or shoes because he didn’t want to risk them being damaged on the beach.

We said a little prayer with the girls and started casing the campground.  The flash light John sent with Chad was sub standard and we were afraid  he may have even been lost in the camp ground in the dark.  I even walked across camp to the Jessop camp to see if he was visiting them, but there camp site was dark.

Now, Chad is independent in some ways, and I normally wouldn’t worry too much if he were gone for a couple hours on a run.  In many ways Chad reminds me of my brother David… that “I am invisable!” mentality.  One time David ran home from Sunriver in his undies because he didn’t have shorts and got lost… and I remember a time my parents were very worried about a cross county ski trip David went on…

Anyway, John and I were worried and at midnight we called 911 to ask what we should do.  They took down Chad’s basic information and said they would send an officer out to the camp ground.  I knew Chad couldn’t be doing well by this time.  None us us were prepared for the weather.  Around 25 minutes after calling 911 Chad came into came.  He was soaked.

He was barefoot (running on the beach).  He only had a pair of shorts and a tank top on.  He was hold his soaked sweatshirt.  His arms were blue up to his elbows and his lips were blue.  We called 911 and said that he made it to camp and start to warm him up.  He was shaking so hard.  We had him strip to his undies and climb in a sleeping bag next to me.  His blood sugar was pretty low so we fed him nearly a pound of fudge.  After he started getting color back into his face and arms we sent him to the shower.  He stood in the hot shower for over an hour and we finally got him tucked into bed around 3 in the morning.
It turns out that he had run south down the beach until he hit the jetty (about 5 miles) and was heading north, back to camp, when the rain hit.  When the rain hit the beach it got very dark.  He couldn’t see the markers marking the trails back through the sand dunes to camp.  His sweat shirt was wet and began to chafe his nipples.  He didn’t like that so he took off his sweatshirt, think he’d find the way to camp soon.  When he took off his sweat shirt his head lamp went flying.  He couldn’t find it in the sand.  He kept running north up the beach. (about another 6 miles).  Eventually, he decided to try crossing the sand dunes.  The grass on the sand dunes were hard on his feet.  He came out of the dunes into some neighborhood (in Manzenita). He wandered through neighborhoods until he came to the highway.  He finally recognized were he was, and found that he was a long way from camp. (The most northern part of Manzenita).  He started walking south down the highway.  He started shivering where we had turned off toward camp.  He had stopped running when he got to roads because his feet couldn’t run on the pavement.  That made him even colder.  He walked another 6 miles to camp.  He knew this was bad and knew he was getting the symptoms of hypothermia.

He was so glad to see camp!  We were glad to see his!  Seriously, we came so close to ending that camping trip tragically.  We are so grateful that God answered our prayer to find him before it was too late.

The next day Chad slept in a bit (we couldn’t blame him for that… his body was beat after that ordeal).  I went to Lincoln City to get Emma Thurston.  Her family, including Case, were camping next to the Jessops.  She had been at a school activity and her mom didn’t have a way for her to get to camp.  I volunteered to help get her.  Case and I enjoyed a nice drive.  Case was surprised to see brown cows. Chad told him that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

When we got back from the drive, we packed up lunch stuff and headed for the beach where the castle team was practicing for the competition.  Everyone had fun playing in the sand and surf.

Our camp is down that long stretch of beach.  I’m thinking Chad ran all that sand before getting lost in the neighborhoods.
Friday came along and it was a rest day for the castle team.  John hopped on his bike and rode to Cannon Beach.  Remember the last time he rode this stretch of road?  You might want to read it again at Bicycling Adventure. This ride wasn’t nearly as taxing for John.  He made it there and back and could still walk the rest of the day.  He found that the practice castle was still standing and that it was attracting a ton of attention.  He got to tell the crowd all about the amazing team of builders and invited them all back to watch the magic happen on Saturday.
Chad is very dedicated to his work outs.  He couldn’t find a gym to do his arm work out so John and I were his resistance back at camp.  I can’t believe the irony in that.  LOL.
On Saturday we went to Cannon Beach for the competition.  I think there were over 3500 people on the beach.  The Pro team left before 7am so that they could be ready when the “go” was given.  I had signed up Lilli, Hannah (she didn’t get used on the Jessop team this year), Kimber, Emma, Ivy (a Thurston/Williams guest), Case and Ben to have a plot of their own.  Ben loves to help and that wouldn’t do over at the Pro plot.  Lilli has always wanted to be involved and has never been allowed.  Hannah needed a new place to create since she was kicked off the Jessop team.  Kimber needed help keeping Ben happy and busy.
They did great!  They created Aqualand with sculptures of water animals.  They attracted tons of attention because Ben was so cute as he shoveled sand and used butter knives to “carve”.
The pro team worked hard.  They moved tons of sand and gallons of water.  This year Ray taught Myles and McKay to carve.  Chad lifted buckets and cleaned up edges.  At the end of the day they didn’t place in the top 3.  However, I think that is lame.  They did have the only castle on the beach.  Isn’t this a castle making contest?
It took 30 minutes or more to drive off the beach.  Funny that they say all cars have to get off the beach because the tide is coming in…. but there were too many cars to get off by the time they wanted them gone.
Before we left camp the kids wanted a picture on the “5” tree.  Silly kids.
After we got back from camp we started the endless process of putting things away.  Ben started the process of emptying Grandma’s cupboards.
McKay and Myles got to see Lilli play softball for one game.
McKay got her wisdom tooth pulled.  She wasn’t impressed with the pain or the process.
Then McKay and Myles left for Utah.  They took Chad with them.  He is going to play with them for a week and then gets to spent time with a cool missionary that served in our area, Elder Gibson.  Chad will be going to Youth conference with Marshal Gibson at Goblin Valley too.  Hopefully, he will get to see some Boyack family as well.  I am also hoping that Chad will help McKay get her house together.  McKay and Myles moved to Bluffdale, UT on their way to Oregon.  Myles got a job as soon as they got back to Utah so that will leave McKay to unpack by herself.
Hannah, Lilli, and I went to rehearsal for Secret Garden.
Lilli has made some new friends at rehearsal.  They all were trying to imitate the Robert Stare.  Robert is the Assistant Director.
John and Lilli are trying to teach the baby chickens that they can go to the top part of the chicken coop for warmth… oh, and cleaning their pen this week.
And look!  My garden is growing well!  You should see the raspberries!

I also designed all the sets for CET over the week.  I had planned my plans before this week.  However, I had not put them to paper nor made the models.  While I drew all the plans Hannah helped me make the models.  She would cute the pieces so I could add color before gluing them down.
There are giant books for Into the Woods JR.
These are all the parts for Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.
This is the set for a play at the park during the Salem Arts Festival, Couch Potato.
I spend hours making plans like these.  These are the art blue prints for Couch Potato.  Sometimes I have to draw construction plans too.  But I like to pull things from stock.  I am hoping not to have to build much this year… just paint stuff.
So, this has been the past couple of weeks.  Thanks for checking in!
Originally posted 22nd June 2013 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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