Family Friday

Week at the Boyack’s 

 The week started like this… exhausting.  Seriously, I was always tired.  I think it is mainly attributed to the fact that I haven’t quit got my energy back after the surgery.  I still have trouble sleeping… I can’t find a comfy spot and sometimes my leg falls asleep.  Besides, John is restless too.  His neck is sore so he can’t find a comfy spot either.  It’s kind of like sleeping with a Mexican Jumping Bean.  Thus, when I walked into the family room and caught Case, sound asleep, on his feet, I had to take a picture.  Nothing really captures the week like this picture!

This week was the last week of Seminary for the year.  I gave a test on Monday, pre-viewed next year’s subject on Tuesday, and served the students breakfast on Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday was a party with my pillow… until 6:15 and then my body wouldn’t co-operate with sleeping!  Come on! I could really use some sleep.

Wednesday and Thursday I helped out at the HS Fall Play auditions.  Hannah auditioned.  She did a good job.  But she wasn’t cast.  That is actually a good thing.  If she were cast she would be doing 2 shows at a time since Crimes of the Heart will begin rehearsals while The Secret Garden is still in performances.  She will, however, design lights for the show.  This, too, is a great experience so we are all happy with the out come.  The show is actually a small cast with only 4 women and 2 men.  We were surprised when one of the girls cast cried because of her part.  come on!  You got in the show and 25 other people didn’t.  I loved the attitude of others that were excited to be involved in anyway, from props to construction.

After auditions on Wednesday I took Hannah to Lillian’s softball game.  We both were not prepared for the sun in the eyes and wished we had brought hats.  I even started my sunburn.

Lillian had a great game.  Her team won.  She does a great job hitting the ball.  She always gets on base.  She usually plays right field or third base.  Kind of weird that I have a kid that likes sports.  I guess I will have to get used to the idea of watching games.

Here’s to a few more sunburns…

… and the home runs of the future.

Ben has discovered Operation.  Thing is… he likes to make it buzz and light up the patient’s nose.  Sure hope he doesn’t become a doctor.  Visiting him could be considered torture.  LOL!

We also got a kiddie pool this week…

All the little kids love it!  I had to fight hard to get chores and school work done before people were dipping in the pool.

Saturday was a big day.  Yvonne got Lilli involved with Young Eagles.  When the big kids were little we took them to fly at the local air park.  But let’s face it.  I’m an old fuddy-duddy now.  I’m not interested in standing in lines.  Besides, the big kids have got me running to other events.

McKay and Myles came to go camping with this coming week so they stood in line with Lilli.

She was pretty excited!

Especially when her turn arrived….

All reports are that she is a natural.  The pilot even trusted her flying long enough to take this picture… 3 or 4 minutes.  The pilot told McKay that Lillian was the first kid in many years to keep altitude.  Lilli said it was easy… it was just like flying her toy helicopter she flies with John.

Meanwhile, I worked at the High School for graduation.  My friend Jeff insisted that they pay me.  That was nice of him.  I spent 4 hours in the sun on Friday stringing mic cable and setting up stands and mics.  I turned it all on and got it to work but decided to EQ the system Saturday.  so them we took all the mics and the sound board and put it away to keep it safe over night.

Saturday morning I was back at the school setting up the mics and board and making a sound check.

Meanwhile, graduation became John’s last official duty on school board.  Thank my lucky stars that is over!  I can’t say I am impressed with the powers that be in the district.  Still… he liked it.  Thus, it is bitter sweet.  He is the bald guy in the picture above.  (teeheehee).  He got a little sun too.

This would have been Chad’s senior year if he were a full time student.  He didn’t go to any of the usual senior activities, but he came to graduation to sing with the choir.  He is actually somewhere in this picture of choir students.

I know… I'[m not doing good at getting pictures of important events because I can’t leave my post as a helper, but at least I am giving it a shot.  His choir sang the National Anthem, some song that the senior class choose and Old Irish Blessing.

Hannah was my little helper.  She even ran out onto the field when the wind kicked up to save the music. What a trooper!

After graduation we got everything put away… nicely I might add.  It was much better than last year!

This is how the family spend Sunday afternoon… I was blogging…

… Lilli and Myles went swimming…

McKay and Chad were sunbathing in their pj’s…

Hannah was studying her accent for The Secret Garden…
The Jessops were on the couch with their computers…
… and John was sleeping…
And that was the week… oh, but we did have a great FHE complete with lesson by McKay that she passed off to Myles, treat by mom that she passed off to Hannah… talent by Hannah she passed off to Myles (BTW he has a great bird call dance thing that I can’t wait to see again while camping)… and a game… Upset the Fruit Basket where John fruit-of-the-looms may have been bruised when Hannah tripped and the unmentionable sent up all into hysterical laughter.
See you next week!

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