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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 311

Today is my daughter McKay’s birthday. She is a miracle. She was a couple of weeks early because I developed PIH for the second time. They kind of forced her into the world. She was all covered with cheesy stuff. After the first day, she developed a fairly serious case of jaundice. She slept in a suitcase on my bedroom floor under her own personal bilirubin light for several days. She was a major momma’s girl. For most of her first year of life we all lived with my parents. McKay would not go to anyone but her dad and I. When she was learning to talk she fell and hit her head. The cut required stitches. The very next week we were back in the ER for more stitches because she fell again and cut the other eye. She remembered the last ER visit and screamed “NO WAY” (go away) at the hospital staff for about an hour. She was my chief garden helped. She entertained me with her silliness. She loved to take pictures. She was my first kid to express an interest in theatre. Then she grew up and moved away. Now she lives closer and I can see her more often, just not as often as I think we both would like, but definitely far more often than we used to. I am sure grateful for McKay.

I am grateful that day two of our little show went better than day one.

I am grateful that my classes went better today.

I am grateful for a few minutes this morning to read my scriptures.

I am grateful for the rain we have been having.

I am grateful for the totally cool office I am sitting in. I am sure glad my husband helped me to create this awesome space.

I am grateful for a weekend. I actually have a little time tomorrow morning to clean my house… make a menu and some health food… sleep in!

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