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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 312

Today I am grateful for the kids I teach and the people I work with. We had two great shows. I am completely enjoying this show and the experience we are having. It’s a fun show with great music and the kids are doing a fantastic job.

I am grateful that John got the final shelves in my office space. Now I can finish moving all my stuff in… FYI… That is when I will give you a tour of the office, Jo.

I am grateful that Kimber and McKay came to watch the show and support Lilli. It’s nice that she has family that likes to come watch her do her thing.

I am thankful for some quiet time to do write and to quiet my mind.

I am thankful for quiet moments where the Spirit whispers peacce to my soul.

I am grateful for my family. They definitely bring me great joy.

I am grateful for the time this morning I had to do some chores around my house. I am also grateful for the “Christmas” smells I now have wafting through my house.

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