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Week at the Boyacks – Catch Up 

The past 2 and a half weeks have been a blur… whizzing by at lightening speed and feeling like forever all at the same time. So far this summer Lilli and I have been involved with CET (Children’s Educational Theater).  For 5 weeks we get up at 6 am and head to Salem.  Lilli goes to classes in Theater and singing and I teach tech.  Some days we get to go home around 1.  Most days we would run around buying and gathering stuff for the sets.  2 days a week we would stay in Salem for the evening and I would build sets with parent volunteers.  In addition to teaching class, I am responsible for the sets and props and sound and even lights, for 7 shows in 5 weeks.  It is insane! On top of all that, I am directing a musical out at Pentacle Theater.  Lilli and Hannah are both in it.  Now you know we are really crazy.  LOL.  At least we love it!


The last two weeks are the hardest because all the shows begin to perform.  The first show to perform is a show in Bush park for the Salem Arts Fair.  This year the show was called “Couch Potatoes”.  It was a cute show about a family that played well together until electronics took over their lives.  I think the point of the show was that families should do more together and read more.  Good message.  The set was simple… a living room backdrop, a large cartoon couch and a couple of boxes to create levels to act on.  We got the set done in no time.

I had fun making the couch.  It brought back memories of my Grandpa White’s upholstery shop… although I did a lousy upholstery job.  LOL.  Still, it turned out cute.  Someone has already asked to borrow it.  I think I may even use it next year when I direct You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.

My favorite costumes were the Pac-Man costumes that the costume class made.  That was a huge hit with the audiences.  There was some drama around the show.  The stage manager I assigned to the show didn’t work out.  I was not aware of any previous history between this student and the directors.  The student had odd behaviors: didn’t work well under pressure, bossing the directors, stopping rehearsal because he felt they had made mistakes, never doing his own work, but having his Assistant do it for him, and the last straw, sleeping on the grass at the dress rehearsal instead of helping.  It all came to a head, and for the first time, as far as anyone can remember, a student was demoted.  I gave him a choice: stay with the show, but work for the Assistant Stage Manager or be my assistant (glued to me so he wouldn’t get in trouble).  He chose me.  That meant I had a constant shadow.  He continued to insult people and to do and say thinks that people didn’t like.  I finally assigned him to door duty.  Weird thing… he loved the job.  Even thought he was more important that he really was.  Oh and the best part… during the final day he had a melt down because the office missed tech kids that needed to be recognized for 5 years or more in the program.  I talked with the director of the program and we worked out a way to recognize him.  Of course, he then thought that he was the next kid to be hired as a TA.  Gah!

Anyway, all of CET went to the park to watch the show.  They also performed in a “flash mob”.  Most of the kids complain about this activity.  I really don’t know way.  It last a total of 3 minutes. The crowd loves it!  Lilli like it.  Ray brought Kimber , Ben, Hannah, Emma and Case to the park to watch.  They then roamed the park and looked at all the art.  I’d love to do that.  Sadly, I went back to CET and attempted to Tech the Musical to perform on the main stage.

I spent most of that weekend coming up with plan b for the 1st year shows.  I originally wanted the banner I made for the final Gala to double for the little kids performances.  However, I knew it wouldn’t work after the final production meeting.  So…. I started over.  I made these banners instead.  The guy at the hardware store was a little crazy when I said I needed parts to make a giant shower curtain.  I just wanted a compression rod.  I tried PVC pipe first because it is light.  However, it bent and the banners came down.  So I went with a wooden dowel with PVC pipe fittings on the end.

We had so many problems with kids that were in the tech program… students that people didn’t want to work with… a student that ran away one day… the bus bringing kids back from a performance hitting a car… the kid the sliced his finger with a box cutter AFTER the lesson on safety and needed stitches… But it looks like I do it again next year because Lilli loves it!  And let’s face it.  I sacrificed for all those other kids to do what they wanted to that I really need to do that for her.

Meanwhile, Chad went on the bike trip through the San Juan Islands with the young men in the ward.  John had planned to go with them, but had some how messed up his vacation hours.  He ended up driving up to meet them mid-week.  He made it just in time for Mt. Constitution.  Poor guy wasn’t really prepared for that.  This is the only picture I have of the trip.  Chad isn’t even in the picture.  He was always at the front of the pack and John was always the last.  I hear it was a good trip and everyone was safe and happy on the trip.  Chad road with John on the way home.  They got home very late on Saturday.  I think it may be the last time the trip happens.  Rules are changing.


On Monday, we opened our second show, Into the Woods Jr at the Salem Public Library.  I couldn’t get many good pictures.  I was running around fixing things… set pieces in need of repair and the spot lights I borrowed that needed a little TLC.  I liked this set.  It was my favorite for the year.  I made three large “books”.  The outside looked like old book covers.  The book opened and showed the first page of each story and the indie of the home it was talking about.  I am hoping that someone got some good pictures and I can make a special set blog just to show it off.  I also made a 9 foot tower for Rapunzel that turned around and was the tree for Cinderella’s mother.  it was pretty cool.

Tuesday, the three little kid shows performed in the courtyard.  Lilli did very well as a performer.  I hate to say it, but she stole the show every time she went on the stage.  She got cast as the lead in her little play, Annie Christmas.  She is loud.  (Surprise).  She is expressive.  She is full of energy.  And she even has all that on a day she didn’t leave CET for 14 hours and with no dinner (but with a promise of anything she wants at Dairy Queen.)

She also stole the show on the final night of performing showcase classes.  When she singing in the choir she performs exactly the same… loud, animated, expressive, and full of energy.  Everyone holds still.  Not Lilli.  In her dance class performance, the cd stopped working.  Lilli got the whole class to finish the dance…. Without music.  I was amazed.

After the final performance on Wednesday we struck the shows and put them all away… the Park show and the Mid-summers.  Thursday was the last performance of the Library show and the opening of the final musical.  I spent all day at CET… striking the show and getting the other show ready to open.  Sadly, I was so busy that I never got to snap a picture of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.  I am really hoping that SOMEONE took a picture or two.  It all came down on Friday night after it’s second performance and we packed up room after room, the show and everything CET until next year.  It was a long night!

Saturday morning was spent at a meeting for CET.  I don’t like this meeting.  I tired and cranky.  No one ever says something nice about tech.  In fact, tech is the only department people complain about.  Come one!  You have one show to worry about.  We have 7… AND we teach classes all day.  Oh well… everyone warned me that it was like that.  I shouldn’t be surprised.  Still, it would be nice to have that meeting a week later when I’ve actually gotten some sleep.


At least have cool people like Dani to work with. 🙂  After the meeting I spent all day getting ready for the final performance – a kind of show and tell of class learning.  My banners worked out nicely… and the good thing is that I will never have to come up with something for that performance again.  It’s in storage.  I did at balloons to make it more festive.

Meanwhile, Chad and Hannah have left to their own devises at home.  I’m pretty sure they don’t do anything… sleep… make messes… well, Hannah does a few chores.

Hannah has been watching Case when I’m not home.  A few days ago, Hannah, Chad, Emma and Jacob went to Three Pools.  They all got sun burned.  Mostly, Hannah’s summer has been spent getting ready for Secret Garden.  It opens in 4 weeks.  We are all a bit nervous.

The garden is growing.  The animals are still alive.  The house is still standing.  Now it’s time to get ready for school and seminary.

Originally posted 1st August 2013 by Wendy Boyack on Resigning as the General Manager of the Universe powered by Blogger.

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