Warrior Wednesday

Warrior Wednesday – Defining my inner Warrior 

The other day I tried to explain to my husband that I feel like warrior… have always thought I was a warrior.  I find myself constantly on guard.  I often dream of combat… with a sword.  I am fierce.  I defend family like a lioness.  I find myself in constant “fight” mode and rarely in “flight” mode.
Is a constant state of “fight” mode an indication of a warrior?
Warriors have control.  Warriors love peace.  Warriors sacrifice for that which is right.  Warriors are tough.
Am I tough enough to be a warrior?  Am I a warrior wanna-be?
Well… I’m not tough enough if my definition of toughness is how much I can lift or how long I can exercise… not by any definition of world standards.  If I were to go with the world definition, I’m a wimp!
But I have heart!  I have determination!  I have soul!
Many of us feel like warriors in our own way.  Some of the people I love are warriors in real life – in the military or public service.  Some of the people I know are warriors day-to-day battling illness and hardships.  Some are emotional warriors, fighting to choose to smile.  Some are the warrior captains teaching future warriors the way.
Not all warriors look tough.
Do I really need to define my toughness with physical strength?  After all, I do not need to hunt to survive.  I don’t need to world from sun up to sun down to haul water, wash clothes, weed gardens, chop wood, carry stuff around, beat rugs, or care for animals and then slaughter animals just to survive.  I live a much different life than my ancestors did (even if my kids say I am “practically a pioneer.”  I don’t need to fight in hand to hand combat to keep my land and my home.
Serious… what does all this emphasis on physical toughness really get you?  I have learned that real toughness is intelligent, sensitive, graceful, and charming.
A Japanese Samurai – a fearsome fighter – also developed an entire language around arranging flowers.  That’s my kind of warrior!
That is my kind of warrior!  😊
A true warrior follows their heart… their inner light, pursues truth, and defends self, family, and others.
We need more warriors…
The real question is, what kind of warrior am I willing to become?
Warrior Wednesday will be all about me discovering the answer to that question.

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