Family Friday

Family Friday – Miracle Baby 

My first Family Friday blog is dedicated to this beautiful girl!  Leneyah Lorraine Maxey turned 3 this week!  It’s hard to believe how fast she is growing up.  She’s smart.  She’s sassy.  She is super funny.  She is sensitive.  She is caring.
Three years ago, during this time of year while I was in the middle of the hardest weeks of my summer job, I got a frantic phone call from John… “Call McKay NOW!”  I left the shows that were performing and found a quiet place to hear what was happening on the other end of the phone.  What I heard was breaking hearts… the sobs of my beautiful daughter and the wail of her best friend and husband.  My knees buckled, but my heart went into mama bear mode.  A woman watched me collapse on the stairs outside of Howard Street Charter School and came to ask what she could do.  All I could think of was to ask her to get my friend Jeff, who came and quietly sat next to me as I sobbed and tried to calm my panicked daughter over the phone. Leneyah had arrived, but things did not go well.  Her little heart did not want to beat and her little lungs did not want to breath.
I cannot imagine the panic, sadness and stress her parents were experiencing.  I could only know the panic, sadness and stress I was feeling… and it was overwhelming.  I remember telling McKay and Myles that God is good.  God would send angels to lift them and to help her.  Leneyah hung on in infant ICU… (I’m sure it’s because she wanted to meet me.:))
The next few days were the LONGEST days as I finished my summer job.  The day after the strike, John and I got into the car and drove to Utah… my babies needed me.  I even ditched the final Fine Arts Night, leaving Hannah, Dani and Jeff to help hold it all together and Kimber to “parent” Lillian.
Leneyah was perfect!  Her parents were heroes!  She had begun to eat well and was bouncing back nicely.  Sadly, we could only stay for a few days.  It was hard to drive away and leave them, but my heart was calm.  God is a God of miracles.  Leneyah was going to be fine.
In fact, she is more than fine.  She lights up my day when she calls on Facetime or Skype.  She makes me giggle when her mom sends me pictures and goofy videos.  Lenayah is proof that there is such a thing as miracles.  She is a miracle baby.
I sure love this miracle baby.  I may never forget that day, now 3 years ago, but I will forever be blessed by Leneyah’s giggle, smile and sassy way, her love for life, her parents and her brother.  I sure love you miracle girl… Princess Lenyah!  Happy Birthday all the way from Oregon… and when you come visit me in a week I will have a surprise for you!

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