Thought Tuesday

Thoughts Tuesday – Random Thoughts 

Thoughts Tuesday is all about the random thoughts I get throughout the day.

Nothing could be further from the truth!
My brain is on such an overload thinking about all the stuff I need to get done, and all the road blocks that I hit, that I can’t seem to make progress in anything!
This is a common theme for me.  When I work on my computer or have Safari open on my iPad, I usually have a bajillion tabs open.  Ok… perhaps that might be a small exaggeration.  However, I just counted and I have 20 open on my iPad at this very moment.  LOL!  It’s a bad habit.  In my defense, I do tons of research and I don’t want to lose all the cool things I find!
My friend, Jeff, usually makes a comment on how many I keep open everytime he uses my iPad.  Experts say having too many tabs open slows down the computer/iPad.  I really should start to close a few tabs.  It’s hard to choose which one!
My inter-web browsers are a reflection of my brain.  My browsers, iPhone and iPad are the physical picture of the millions of things my brain is tracking, annalysing, and juggling all at the same time… family calendar, personal calendar, research, lesson plans, set designs, scripture study, finances, reading, social media, emails to read, emails to answer, my son on a mission, plays to read, grandchildren’s birthdays, the up coming school year… and now I’ve added daily blogging.
There are day my “brain tabs” are bogging down the productivity.
No wonder I find it hard to sleep some day.  LOL!
I do get things done.  I even cross things off my lists.  But I always add something to replace it.  Tabs stay open.
Days, like today, remind me that I need to take a step back and close a few tabs… focus on what is right in front of me… take a breath…
Perhaps that is why I took a moment on a busy CET day to write this blog.
… and I discovered I can get a shirt, or mug with this slogan on it. (Yup, I opened another tab… it’s hopeless. LOL).

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