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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 370

Today I am grateful for a good business meeting this morning.

I am grateful for the time to stop by the park and to support Lilli and her choir as the sang at some community event.

I am grateful for the time to work on the family Christmas letter and Christmas cards.

I am grateful John got lights up on the house and the grocery shopping done while I worked on the Christmas letter.

I am grateful that Lilli cleaned up the kitchen… Hannah may have helped.

I am grateful the Lilli is trying a new little something and went to a church dance with a different group of friends.

I am grateful that I got to watch a good movie with John. Knives Out was the best. I love a good mystery. This movie was super clever and had many fun twists and turns.

I am thankful for a day to chill-ax and do something different with my day.

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