Family Friday

As the Sun Sets on October – an October Boyack Family Report

So… I am on a roll getting myself back into my blogging groove… three days in a row where I blog about something more than my gratitude journal. October kept us super busy. I kept busy teach theatre classes. My World Theatre classes made masks, finished their “Greek Chorus” assignment, and started their movement unit exploring dances from around the world. My Tech 1 classes worked on set pieces for 13 the Musical, finished their safety unit and learned to make flats.

Lilli tried her hand at powder-puff football this year. We all went to watch her play. She didn’t get much playing time. That was a disappointment. However, we had a blast yelling in the stands.

Lilli went to Homecoming with Jocie. She reported having fun when they came home and watched a movie for a bit. It’s fun to do things with friends.

As we wrapped up rehearsals for 13 the musical we were pleasantly surprised with a couple visit from alumni. Mo stopped by. Haylee and Riley dropped in to help with tech things and to help new people learn the ropes. I really needed them. I am so grateful that they are willing and able to stop by and help from time to time.

We opened and closed 13 the Musical. I will write about that soon…. I hope. Lilli played a lead character. She did a great job. With the break up, some parts hit a little too close to home. Sure made her acting rise to a new level. I really do love the show. It is peppy, spunky, and full of toe-tapping musical numbers. I completely enjoyed working with Jeff and Jenni on this production.

This kid… Lilli held it together as she held down a big roll, a job, AP classes, and home life. I really am proud of her. It isn’t every 16 year old that takes on the amount of responsibility that she is willing to take on. And look at the smile! Isn’t she beautiful?!

Kimber took the most amazing pictures of McKay and her family Not only are they beautiful, they are artistic and they captures the personalities of each family member perfectly. Part of the fun of that photo shoot is hearing about all the silly things Hannah was doing behind the scenes to get everyone to look where they needed to look. As an employ in the Maxey home, Hannah does a ton with them. She even dressed up and went trick-or-treating with them. Oh… and Lenayah had her first self-inflicted hair cut. LOL. Ah… how I remember the days when her mom and Kimber would cut each others hair.

I also made this bench for McKay for her birthday. It is still waiting to be painted. Maybe I will get to it this week. John and I also finished fixing up one of the front bedrooms to make and office. Let me tell you, it is so nice to have all the computers and such out of the bedroom! Plus, I have a huge desk space now… and my desk moves up and down so I can stand and work or sit and work, depending on my mood.

At Kimber and Ray’s house the family is doing well with home school. They get a ton of help from their grandma Yvonne. She is also their cub scout leader. With the new changes in scouting, Freya got to join the pack. She sold us some popcorn. She is quite the little salesmen. Kimber also got new glasses. And she helps us tons with Kirby. Every day, when I head to work, I drop him off. He is so excited to go. He will even whine and cry when he thinks I should be loading him up to go. What a goofy little dog.

We had some great memories in October. The sun set on 13 the musical. The sun set on a relationship. The sun set on a couple units at school. The sun set on Halloween and we launched into merrier holiday festivities. And, the sun set on summer and we are fully into fall. The weather is awesome and although there have been a few rainy days, we have had some of the most lovely sunsets too.

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