Family Friday

Learning Moments

Spring is here and so is our spring schedule. It’s busy. Everyday is a new activity. There is never a dull moment. We are always learning.

The little people at home are keeping us busy… mostly cleaning up after and rescuing Holland. He climbs everything. Kimber and Ray tried to block the ladder to Freya’s bunk bed and he just goes around it. He is learning about gravity. He loves to take things apart, play in the dog water and play with toy cars. He is learning cause and effect. This week he through my shoes in the dog water… my favorite shoes! That kid. No one can keep up with him. Freya’s preschool class went to visit a farm and they all had a great time. Freya learned about nature.

This week the teacher’s from around the state voted for a walk out. They are hoping to get law makers to give more money to education for smaller classes and the return of the arts, PE , and career classes to schools across the state. Many unions in districts across the state voted to walk out. Some stayed in their class rooms. Our district voted to walk out. We didn’t have school on Wednesday. I am with the teachers on this one. What teachers are continually being ask to deal with things from being counselors to kids in crisis to feeding their students. I work as a stipend employee. I don’t make very much money for the tasks I was hired to do. I volunteer at the school everyday… ALL DAY. Everyday I am asked to do more and more to plug the holes that are in education. This week alone I bought lunch for 20 kids who are not my own kids. This week alone I bought dinner for 2 kids who are not my own kids. This week I sat and did homework with multiple kids who are not my own kid. This week I have mentored kids. I have helped set up tech for meetings. this week I have had my intentions and integrity put into question and raked over the coals. This week I heard that one of my favorite teachers in the building is leaving, not just my school but the teaching profession because the load is too much to bare. Education is in trouble. Many of the best teachers are leaving… and I don’t blame them. I’m not too sure how much longer I will keep doing what I am doing. Lawmakers and the community at large is messing with the future. Kids can’t learn when they don’t feel safe. Kids can’t learn when the classroom as so many people in it that the teacher can’t get to every student for some one-on-one instruction. Students can’t learn when their teachers are overworked and burnout. It is time to rethink this… for the future of this nation. I am learning that the system really needs a do-over.

Kimber and the kids took advantage of the day off and went to the Gilbert House. McKay and her kids had planned on going, but they all got very sick. That was a bummer. The kids learned about chickens, and building, and fun at the Gilbert House.

Lilli worked on a different education. Over the weekend I found a 2005 VW bug. It had some body damage, but Ray and I agreed that the engine was in pretty good shape for how old it was. It had 98,000 miles on it. Not bad. I was able to buy it for $2,200. I’ve always wanted a bug since I was in high school when my parents had a couple that I was allowed to drive. Lilli will get to drive this car as long as she follows a few simple rules: keep her grades up; never get a ticket; never use her phone while driving; be home on time and let her parents know where she is at all times; learn to maintain the car. Ray helped her on Wednesday to learn how to change the oil and simple maintenance checks. When I get the new shocks and struts, she will learn how to change those. There are a couple error codes being thrown by the engine, so she will learn how to change an ignition coil too. I am glad she is willing to get dirty and to learn something. Lilli is learning to be an adult.

We opened Schoolhouse Rock JR Live on Wednesday too. It had a few issues but we made it. I am proud of this class they have learned well. They are having fun. We are learning that learning can be fun… and so is theatre.

In stage makeup class is fun to help with. We are working on putting art work on a person’s face. These two are my favorites from this unit. These two students have some real talent. I am learning that there a few victories here and there in education.

In many ways this has been a challenging week. I would have to say that I am grateful for fasting, prayer, scripture study, temple attendance, and the whispering of the spirit as I attempt to empty my mind of opinions, pre-conceived notions, emotions, and negative thoughts. What would we do without the Lord? We would be lost. I am learning everyday to rely more and more on the Lord… and He is always there.

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