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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 24

Wow! Mondays are Mondays. Always a shock after a peaceful, yet productive Sunday.

Today I am thankful for the boss I have. I really like our admin team. They are energetic. They listen. They are positive and uplifting. I actually enjoyed today’s staff meeting.

Today I am grateful that I nearly finished the story board slides for the earthquake drill video I have been assigned. I should be able to finish them tomorrow.

Today I am grateful that I could help my friend Jeff get graham cracker gingerbread houses done for his class to join my class tomorrow for a little fun activity. I am also very grateful that Lilli and John didn’t seem to mind that I roped them in to help too. We even delivered 23 of his 30 students’ kits. Jeff had to get back to Salem, so we delivered them for him. I sure hope this works tomorrow and that the kids have fun.

Today I am grateful that I got my 90 question test completed and posted and self graded. WIN/WIN!

Today I am grateful for left over. I usually fast 48 hours on Mondays, but I just wasn’t feeling that this week. Left overs were calling me, I guess.

Today I am grateful for Lilli and her resilience. She is a great sibling, a good listener and willing to sacrifice her own comfort for her siblings. I can actually say that for all of her sisters too. All of my kids are pretty good about caring for and helping each other. At least I did that right as a parent.

Today I am grateful for the sound of rain on the back deck roof. It sounds so cool. today I went out on the deck just to hear the rain. It was very soothing.

Today I am grateful for understanding vocal students. They were all very gracious when I had to send a text canceling voice lessons for the day.

Today I am grateful that more kids logged onto PSP today. I worked hard giving them all a little something fun for the holidays. I am hoping that they are beginning to see that I really do care about them and about their success.

What are you grateful for today.

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