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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 25

Today I am grateful for a WIN in class. I spent the past two days making graham cracker gingerbread house and decorating kits for my PSP class. Today we worked on them. I had more kids involved than ever! They all looked like they were having fun. So many do a great job too. I am working hard to connect with these kids. Today they even turned on their cameras. Truly… this was a win for a tired teacher.

Today I am grateful for a little time to write a few Christmas cards. I’m not doing the usual mass mailing with a newsletter this year. After 31 years of marriage I’ve lost my spark for that. Besides, there isn’t much to report this year because we are all locked up in our own homes not getting out and having adventures… not to mention that the kids have made it clear that it’s not cool to write about them. Let’s face it. John and I are rather boring. Then there is the fact that I get about 10 cards per year vs the 80 cards I send out. That has gotten old. So… I’m not going to both this year. Those people who get a card this year can count themselves lucky they made the cut. LOL.

Today I am grateful that I could go one more day to help out my friends in the AG compound. They even loaded up a pallet of apples into my truck. I will give them away and I will make a ton of apple sauce and apple cider. John even bought me a cider press that will be here next week. I love apple cider. I can’t wait to try making some. One of my favorite college memories was making apple cider with Lee Walker. He had a cool cider press he made. Mine won’t be like that, but it will press apples. I’m excited.

Today I am grateful for a good job.

Today I am grateful for 5 beautiful and awesome kids, even though I don’t see them much. I sure miss them.

Today I am grateful for John who braved the attic to catch some mice having a party right above my desk.

Today I am grateful for my bed. I didn’t sleep long enough, but I slept deeper than usual last night. That is always a good thing.

Today I am grateful for Christmas lights. There is something magical about the twinkling lights all over town.

What are you grateful for today?

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