Family Friday

A Boyack November to Remember

Wow! It’s hard to believe that we are nearly to the end of November! We are keeping so busy that time is flying by. So far in the month of November we have supported Lilli and her choirs at the Fall Cabaret. This is a fund raiser for the parent support group for the performing arts. They made some money and it will help out with music, field trips, etc. Lilli did choreography for several of the numbers.

We went to see a couple plays. Lilli and Hannah went to see Lilli’s friend in Chicago at Portland area school. John and I took Lilli, Hannah, and Jocie to the Keller in Portland to see Miss Saigon. I went to WOU and watched It’s a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play. They were all a good time.

We had auditions for the winter musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Although I was at auditions, and helped the directing team to understand the show, I really couldn’t be a big part of the decision making. I am very proud of all of the kids I teach. They did well. They were impressive. Many of them got great parts. I am most proud of Lilli, who stepped up and landed her dream role… Millie.

Lilli and Hannah spent time with the choir at a choir retreat. Hannah helped to teach the music. Lilli learned the music.

McKay’s family is doing well. They will miss Hannah when she moves away in January. Tatum is mobile. Miss Lenayah Met Kasey McCallister. She was surprised and impressed that her mom would know him. She also went to a fun birthday party and got a unicorn horn. She had fun dressing up Hannah as a unicorn, including “makeup.” Beckett is impressed that Grandma got Disney+. Kaiden’s voice is deepening. Things are never dull at the Maxey house.

Kimber and family are succeeding in home school. They are also enjoying scouts. In the past couple of weeks they got to put whip cream all over their dad. They were so excited. Holland is enjoying his dance class and Freya and Ben are enjoying home school PE over at WOU too.

Over at our house… Hannah finished her application to BYU. Now we wait to see what happens. My hair is getting long. Lilli is getting good at adjusting my feet. I went out to McMinville to help my friend Dani with her lighting and sound problems. John and I finished the office and have mostly moved in. I keep teaching theatre classes. I started a scenic painting unit in my tech theatre class and we finished off the dance unit in my World Theatre classes. I also worked on a couple of special events in the auditorium. We are now in concert season. So far we have hosted two different elementary school music concerts. Those little kids are super cute and always crack me up… including the puddle of pee on the floor.

Lilli has learned some great life skills. She can change her own oil now. She has read the car manual and made a maintenance schedule with reminds on her phone. She is quite responsible and grown up these days.

John fixed the gutters. They were their own ecosystem… LOL. Now all the gutters have covers. They look real nice.

So… that’s it. The update on what we have been up to for the past couple of weeks. With only one more week left in November, and a busy one at that, I thought I should do better at my family updates.

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