Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfaction Saturday- Satisfaction in a Job Well Done 

One of the lessons my parents taught me was to take pride in my work.  Taking pride in your work means that you do your best… not only with attention to detail but working with a goal of mastering the task.  It means being satisfied because we have done out best.

The Bible says, “it is good and comely for one to … enjoy the good of all his labour that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life…” (Ecclesiastes 5:18).

This isn’t the same as selfish pride.

Selfish pride shuts us off from God because it makes us believe that we don’t need Him.  It leads to arrogance, causing us to think we are better than others.  It blinds us to our faults and leads to jealousy and conflict.  Selfish pride makes us insensitive to the needs of others, and causes us to control others instead of loving them.

Self-LESS pride leads us to serve.  Selfless pride commits us to doing a good job.  I know people who take pride in a job well done.  Their belief that their work is a reflection of their character impresses me.  Their pride in a job well done is reflected in how they carry themselves… smiling and laughing, cheerfully greeting others, paying attention to personal presentation as well as their effect on others.

When I was a kid much of what we had was made by hand – and made to last.  As a family, we made our family home of logs by hand, made bread from scratch with the wheat we ground ourselves, made clothing by hand, quilts by hand, and canned our family meals by hand.  People took pride in their creations and we called it superb craftsmanship.  People used to strive for this kind of craftsmanship because the better they were at their work the more they could charge for it.

What happened?

Why is productivity encouraged over quality these days?

Why are products designed to be replaced frequently and why are they made cheaply?

Well… it is not how I roll.  I take pride in my work.  I strive to do my best – often going the extra mile – because I truly believe there is respect in any job if you work hard and try your best.

I am on a mission to teach others to be happy and content with a job well done.

Posted 1 week ago by Wendy

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