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An Open Letter to Those Who Hate The School Dress Code 

I have noticed a ton of resistance to dress codes in schools.  I have something to say… get over it.

A dress code is not about body shaming.  It is not about control.  It’s not about taking away individuality. The dress code is not about making social divisions.  It is not about taking away individual rights.
A dress code is about keeping a professional environment where real work happens.  Contrary to popular belief, woman don’t get to wear whatever they want when ever they want in “the real world.”
Every profession has some kind of dress code.  Nurses, doctors, real estate brokers, vets, and even McDonald’s workers have a dress code.  Even farmers and day labors wear clothing appropriate to the work they do.  School is a professional environment where the student’s “job” is to be the student – to learn – and the teachers’ job is to open the possibilities in young minds and to create an environment where people – all people – can learn.  That being said – the dress code at school is not about restrictions, it is about possibilities – professional possibilities.  So, dress for success and get over the resistance to dress codes.
Here is another thought to consider.  The dress code helps keep things sanitary.  In a public bathroom you can use a paper protector on a toilet seat so you don’t share bodily fluids with the person who sat before you.   A doctor’s office covers the table with a paper protector so that patience don’t share bodily fluids. A school does not provide “protectors” for the chairs sat upon by booty short hind end.  In a gym workers run around and clean the equipment with disinfectant all day long so that people don’t end up sharing bodily fluids with the persons that sat and used the equipment before them.   But in school, no one cleans that chair after the person in booty shorts and a thong sat on that chair.  Now you are sitting there in your booty short.  EWWWW! I’ve always wondered what we could see it some forensic scientist brought in an ultra violet light.  What would we see?  The thought makes me cringe.   It is so much cleaner when you put some pants on!
Shared public places are not the appropriate place for booty shorts.  Personally, I don’t want to share your sweat with you.  I don’t want to share whatever was left from your nether regions when I sit on a chair you last sat on.  I don’t want what you carry around and you don’t want what I carry around.  Just saying. Wear pants that are long enough to cover the whole seat, for Pete’s sake!
What you wear at home, at a club, at a park, etc. – that isn’t the issue.  The school dress code is designed to help you learn how to “adult”.  Adults must wear what is appropriate for the work place.  Adults know when clothing is appropriate for the activity and when it is not.  Adults are socially aware and contribute to the betterment of society. Adults take responsibility for their own actions. Adults don’t share bodily fluids without consent.
Be comfortable… be sexy… be whatever you think these pieces of clothing say to you and about you, but remember, school is a professional environment where sanitary conditions must be considered. Dress like it!

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