#bethelight – Day 125 and 126

Okay… I missed blogging about kindness yesterday.  It was a long day.  We had two shows at Lion King, strike and a cast party.  I didn’t get home until one in the morning.  Being busy is no excuse… so kindness continued.  Dispute several late nights and early morning, and what seemed like endless amounts of work, I tried to be patient.  LOL.  That is often a challenge.  However, I worked at it yesterday and I think I was successful.

Today my act of kindness is all about being a mom.  My only kid left at home isn’t feeling well and my #1 kid is uncomfortable with the last few days, maybe hours of pregnancy.  She has been experiencing contractions and is anxious to get this real labor thing going.  Today I am serving them.  Making tea.  Making food.  Rubbing feet.  Let’s face it.  Sometimes you just need your mom.  So today… I am mom.

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