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Positive Talk

I have a confession.

My mind is never quiet.  There is a constant stream of dialogue running through my brain at all times.  I guess you could say I talk to myself.  What can I say?  I’m a good listener.  LOL.

I know I’m not special in this regard.  As all have a set of messages that play over and over in our minds.  This looping dialogue helps set the stage for our reactions to life and all the circumstances we find ourselves.

At times in my life I have let negative thinking overwhelm my life.  I have let negative things someone said to me once influence how I feel today.  These negative memories cause me to diminish how I feel about me.  What a goof!  For years, these negative messages have played in my head, fueling my feelings of fear, guilt, and hopelessness.

Within this past year I have been better at keeping the conversation positive.  I am finding that positive self-talk helps keep hope and joy in my life.


I started with one positive message to overwrite all of the negative thoughts… “I am a beloved daughter of God.”  Dude!  That means I am a princess!

Now what?

Well, that means I have great potential… not matter what happened in the past, no matter what happened 10 minutes ago… I have potential to be great.

When a negative thought begins I have started to say things like, “I choose to accept and grow from my mistakes.”  “I decide what I believe and what I will become.”

Positive self-talk is not self-deception.  It is change my perspective.  Positive self-talk recognizes the truth in myself and in all situation.  Let’s face it, as a human I am going to make mistakes.  Truth. As a human being I have the potential to learn and to be better every day.  TRUTH!

Remember, to be perfect is to be finish… not flawless.  To expect perfection in myself or anyone else is completely unrealistic.  To expect life to have no difficulties, no pain and no sorrow, whether through your own actions or just the circumstances, is also unrealistic.


So let the dialogue begin!

I choose my attitude.

I am worth succeeding at this task.

I am amazing!

I will not be held back!

I am bringing my A-game today.

I am happy with what I have accomplished today.

I will not let today’s storm dampen my mood or my achievements.

Getting up to greet the day with the sun will not kill me… maybe I will try exercise (still working on this one).

I am open to learning something new through this experience.

I am happy being my best me.

I love to giggle.

I focus on the positive.

I am grateful for a new experience.

I choose to see others the way God sees them.

I choose my response.  Good or bad… I choose GOOD!


I try hard to do this every day.   You should give it a shot!  You will see it change your thoughts.  You will see it change your overall well-being!

2 thoughts on “Positive Talk”

  1. To me it’s not so much about self-talk as about being busy enough with something meaningful not to notice it. You are what you focus on. And if you are aware of self-talk that means you are already losing the battle.

    It’s like that – nobody who is truly happy is standing in front of mirror repeating “I am happy”. I just don’t believe in that approach. Like – don’t prime yourself. Do what you are priming yourself to do.

    Thanks for inspiring piece though. It got me to read and leave the comment – so it must be good 😉


  2. Regarding your entry on positive self-talk. I do that every day, reminding myself of how beautiful this world is, and reminding myself that there are thousands, if not millions, of more good people in it than there are people who do bad things in it. These are great, and true reminders. Everyone should remember the most important things in life and those two statements are good beginners.


    Peace on your journey .


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