Thought Tuesday

Starting the School Year: Attitude Is the Difference

Tomorrow students head back to the classroom in my town.  This little saying popped into my head as i thought about how to help my own student create a successful year for herself.


Why not make school your next great adventure?

Maybe you have heard this saying before: Your attitude determines your altitude.

Your attitude is what drives all of your actions. Your actions determine your life.

Body language communicates your attitude.  If you are always looking down and avoiding eye contact, your attitude is communicating a lack of confidence.  Self confidence supports you through times.  Lift your attitude.  Look up as you enter the school.  Look other people in the eye as you meet new teachers and peers.  Start your year off right!

Develop a new philosophy.  Make your new philosophy the belief that with hard work, you can achieve anything.  Decide to see the positive in almost any situation no matter how bad is could be.  A positive philosophy that school is important will lead to school success.  The way you view your experiences determines how you react to them.  Your mind is a powerful super computer.  The way you think determines who you are, your actions and how others respond to you.  Whether you realize it or not, you are always talking to yourself and what you say affects you.  Be careful what you tell yourself.  Stop listening to the voice in your head that says a class is too hard or that college is an untouchable dream.

You can do whatever you put your mind to and are willing to work for.

Make this a year to remember.


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