Thought Tuesday


This morning my heart hurts.

Last week, a community volunteer called to say that $32 was stolen from her purse while she was helping with rehearsal on Friday. No one step forward to give the money back.

This morning, I went to put some cash in my bag. I have a special pouch that I keep my voice lesson money in. This morning I discovered that the tithing I was setting aside, and the cash I had worked hard for for the past month was gone. It was over $100.

Not only did the person take the money, but they went to great lengths to find it. They riffled through my purse, wallet, and voice lesson pouch to find it. They would have gone through famine products, personal items, my CTR ring, my business accounting, a personal letter, my temple recommend, my driver’s license, etc. to find the cash. It wasn’t laying out. My purse was tucked under my space in the makeup room, all zipped up and in the room next to where I was volunteering to make their learning experience a better one. And all this after I bought them treats and arranged for lunch. I should have known better.

There goes my grocery money and lunch money for Lilli.

I am hurt.

I am sad that they think so low of themselves that stealing is an option.

I feel betrayed.

I won’t be doing that again. Trust is gone.

What’s wrong with people?

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