Menu Monday

Week 3 of Intermittent Fasting and nearly 60 weeks of Nutritiarian Living

It was a good week for nutrition. I still haven’t completely given up salad dressing. Maybe I will give that a shot this week. Who knows. I guess it all depends on my mood. (Cheesy grin). I am finding that my energy, in general, has been a ton better now that I have a few weeks of this 16:8 intermittent fasting thing under my belt. I am noticing less aches and pains and much better sleep. I still need to work on getting to bed earlier so I can get a full 8 hours or sleep. However, the sleep I am getting is a more sound sleep. This is a good change.

Monday I had a salad for lunch…


… and Black Bean cakes with Mango Salsa for dinner. Be sure to look at my recipes for the how I made these. It’s the first time I succeeded making my own veggie burger. In the past it’s been a train wreck!

Lunch on Tuesday was the left overs of the Black Bean Cakes on a bed of lettuce I had purchased at the farmer’s market, olives, and mango salsa. It was very tasty.

That evening I made a “stir fry” with onions, shredded cabbage, bok choy, and tofu. I flavored it with a light soy sauce. It hit the spot.

Wednesday I ate the left overs of the bok choy stir fry. I also enjoyed a few pickled veggies and olives.

For dinner I ate my egg for the week. I hollowed out a sour dough roll, added veggie bits, onions, and green peppers, poured in the scrambled egg and baked it. I made a Caesar salad on the side. It was pretty tasty.

Thursday I had a salad for lunch and an orange and a banana.

I was in a hurry on Thursday. I found some Indian food in a pouch at the store and I decided to give it a try. This was very spicy. It was brown rice and something with potato in a spicy tomato sauce. It wasn’t bad. I’d have it again if I have a day I just don’t have time for anything else because it stores well on the shelf.

I ate a salad for lunch on Friday.

That evening I splurged and had a couple slices of a veggie pizza. I had the grandkids over to spend the night and got a pizza for them. I was in the mood. I do have to say that I felt funny after eating it. That didn’t stop me from eating a few slices on Saturday for lunch. However, lesson learned. I don’t do well eating pizza any more.

I took my daughter out to dinner on Saturday before taking her to a dance concert. I had a “green drink” (a blend of spinach, pineapple, and apple) and a veggie burrito. It wasn’t too bad.

Sunday I ate a salad for lunch. My daughter also made a sugar free banana bread. I probably should not have eaten much of that, but it was Mother’s Day and I decided it would be my treat. Besides, she made it for me. ūüôā

I made dinner… burgers. I wanted something easy. Mine was a veggie burger. People were full on the banana bread, so I didn’t crack open the watermelon. I guess I will have it for later.

So that was the week. I up-ed my walking to 6 days a week and made my goal. It is getting easier. I need to do more to “relax” and stretch. However, I find it hard to find the time most weeks. Last week I was a solo parent. This week will be a similar situation mostly because my one kid at home and I will be at rehearsals and performances all week. Trying to be healthy is a ton of work!

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